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Did Donald Trump’s Sons Inherit His Genetic Hair Loss?


Whether or not Donald Trump’s hair is all his own remains something of a hotly-debated subject, with everything from toupees to transplants having been mooted as methods the President elect may have turned to in order to deal with his apparent hair loss.

Now that the incoming President seems to have set out his stall to include his eldest sons Eric and Donald Jr. in his political affairs, attention has inevitably turned to whether a receding hairline could well be in their genes, too. Which, of course, would be totally normal.

Far from being headline news, it would actually put 38-year-old Donald Jr and his 32-year-old brother Eric in the same barrel that millions of men in their 30s find themselves in every year. Male Pattern Baldness, the genetic hair loss condition that is “pre-programmed” in vast numbers of men, can start any time following puberty, but often develops in their 30s.


Don Junior pictured in 2016 and inset circa 2010

Signs of hair loss

The tell-tale hair loss signs – as well as an abundance of hairs in the shower tray – are usually a thinning crown developing at the back of the head, as well as a general thinning on the top. This is often accompanied by a receding hairline.

Eric Trump sports a widow’s peak hairline. This is where the hairline naturally forms an ‘M’ or ‘V’ shape and, whilst it does not automatically guarantee a receding hairline, when they do go, these types of hairlines tend to recede at the temples causing the shape to become increasingly more pronounced. Eric’s hair seems to be holding up well but whether this is because he did not inherit the ‘balding gene’, whether his gene happens to be inactive or perhaps he decided to take proactive steps to prevent male pattern hair loss, is unconfirmed.

In comparison to older footage of the two brothers from from 2010 to 2015 when they appeared as their father’s advisors on the US version of The Apprentice, more recent photographs of the pair suggest that Don Junior may well take after his father where hair loss is concerned. He has a rounded hairline that is now noticeably thinner at the front as well as receding at the temples.

What’s worth remembering is that Male Pattern Baldness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is an inevitable part of life for those many men who are genetically predisposed to be sensitive to a testosterone by-product named DHT, which causes follicles to shrink and, ultimately, hair to fall out. Conversely, however, it is not exactly a “look” that most men in their 30s typically look forward to, which is why panic can set in.


Eric pictured in 2016 and inset circa 2012

Preventative measures

Some men choose new hairstyles to try and comb away their thinning patches; others – when hair loss is usually at a more advanced stage – may choose to seek out the opinion of a hair transplant surgeon, whose work will likely cost in excess of £5,000 for the surgery alone, before the price of the aftercare treatment.

But there are countless others who are quietly addressing the situation with a bespoke hair loss treatment course, which uses clinically-proven hair loss medications and products to inhibit DHT and encourage new growth. For those with a family history of hair loss, this approach can allow men to privately deal with their thinning as soon as signs appear and before anyone else notices.

Belgravia sees numerous new clients with Male Pattern Baldness every week, and the condition is usually very quickly and easily diagnosed.

Clients can then be fully informed about why their hair is falling out, how far along in the process they are and what can be done to stop their hair loss. As part of the service offered to clients, in addition to having a bespoke male pattern hair loss treatment plan tailored to their precise pattern and level of shedding as well as any medical requirements, their progress is carefully monitored.

From month one – before treatment starts – photoscans are generally taken each quarter to allow men to see improvements in their hair growth and overall hair density, as their course progresses. If the results are not as expected, their dedicated specialist can help get to the bottom of why this is the case and, where necessary, tweak their course components accordingly so that Belgravia clients are always using the optimum treatments for their needs. This is something that many clients tell us is one of the most important parts of the process and infinitely preferable to “going it alone.” For our International clients, whether they are based in the USA or elsewhere, we offer home-use hair loss treatment courses with online support and progress monitoring, as well as being available on the phone for one-to-one care and queries.

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