General Thinning on Top – Regrow Hair

Male Pattern Baldness can present three common patterns of hair loss – a receding hairlinethinning crown, or general thinning, where there is no distinct area of hair loss – instead the thinning is spread evenly over the top area of the scalp.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient, Nicolas, Experienced Fantastic Regrowth of His General Thinning After Just 3 Months on a Belgravia Centre Treatment Programme. Click on the photo for his success story. *Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Here we provide examples of men with general thinning so that you can compare your own pattern of hair loss and get an idea of what you might expect in the way of results. Please note results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Belgravia patient Nicolas (photos on the right), experienced general thinning caused by male pattern baldness. In his review he stated, “It’s working great… It’s done the trick as it was really thinning…”.

You can see hundreds of examples of patients’ Before & During treatment photos in our Hair Loss Success Stories with many different patterns of hair loss. These provide clear images showing the results clients have experienced, alongside genuine patient feedback, taken from our in-clinic Comments Books, posts and reviews left on our Facebook page, and our Google+ reviews.

What causes thinning hair?

Lasha says of his Belgravia treatment, “The Results Are Amazing” and He’s Pleased to See “A Huge Improvement” in His Hair Loss. Click for his full Success Story. *Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Thinning hair that presents across the top of the head is a result of naturally-occurring chemical attacks on hair follicles that are predisposed to male hair loss.

As with all instances of genetic balding, a reaction takes place within the body where the hormone testosterone combines with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase to form a substance known as dihydrotestosterone, or ‘DHT’.

This DHT attacks the top of the head, weakening follicles and preventing sufficient nutrients and oxygen from being delivered, making hair gradually weaken and thin. Left untreated, the damaged hair will then fall out and new hair will stop growing, which can lead to total baldness.

Belgravia Centre client, Sheraz, said of his treatment for thinning hair, “…Seeing Results After 3 Months Was Amazing…” *Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Every Belgravia patient is monitored by a dedicated treatment advisor and hair loss specialist who will be able to answer any queries you have along the way, making sure you are always looked after at each stage of your regrowth journey.

They will also photograph your quarterly results so you can properly document and assess your progress. This is particularly important in cases of hair thinning as it can be hard to see the results properly, given the location of the shedding.

If you are concerned about hair thinning or hereditary hair loss, make your appointment for a free assessment with a Belgravia hair loss expert at either of our Central London clinics by calling 020 7730 6666 or sending us a message. Alternatively, if you are based outside of London – or the UK – simply complete our Online Consultation Form.

Examples of General Thinning on Top

Click to view Belgravia Hair Loss Success Stories, including hair growth comparison photos which document the progress of their regrowth results before and after starting custom treatment courses designed to treat thinning on top caused by Male Pattern Baldness.

*Please note results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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