Hair Transplant Surgery – Surgical Hair Replacement

*The Belgravia Centre is not a hair transplant clinic but this page will provide you with a lot of useful information on surgery. We offer regrowth treatments that in many cases can be more effective than a hair transplant.

Modern Hair Restoration – Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant ProcedureMale or Female Pattern (Genetic) Hair Loss only affects the top and front of a person’s scalp. This is because it’s only the follicles in this area that contain receptors sensitive to the hormone that causes hair loss.

If hair is taken from the back or even from the side of the scalp (areas where the hairs are not sensitive to genetic hair loss), and transplanted to the top or front, the hair usually continues to grow and produces hair for life.

Hair transplant techniques have come a long way in the past two decades. The old punch graft technique became obsolete and is replaced by ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ graft transplantation. While the old punch graft technique often created an unnatural, ‘doll hair’ look, modern hair transplant techniques can create a perfectly natural appearance. Today’s ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ graft technique allows single hairs or a natural group of 2 or 3 hairs to be re-planted in the direction of the individual’s natural growth pattern.

FUT Transplant   FUE Transplant

Do you need it, and will it be the best solution for you?

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These days surgical hair replacement is not the only solution available for thinning hair.

Choosing the right combination of medically-proven hair loss treatments can not only prevent further balding, but can help to regrow hair for many men and women who have experienced thinning.

You can view hundreds of Success Stories to see the kind of results that can frequently be experienced from the use of the right combination of treatments for your individual pattern and stage of hair loss. Results can be as good as, if not better than a hair transplant – without the need for surgery.

The cost of a hair transplant

The success of a hair transplant can often go hand in hand with its cost. Recent reports suggested Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant costed upward of £30,000. The cost of hair transplantation can vary from £3,000 to £30,000 but the price depends on a number of things including the credentials and experience of the surgeon carrying out the procedure, the type of procedure carried out (‘punch graft’ or ‘FUE’ technique) and the number of grafts.

Preventative treatments are required after surgery

Whilst the hair that has been transplanted will grow as normal, your hair around the transplanted hair, which is still susceptible to thinning, will continue to shed. This is why it is essential to use preventative / regrowth treatments after having a hair transplant – the same treatments that might have regrown hair before undertaking surgery.

The best option for you

Depending on the severity of one’s hair loss, it is our opinion that in most cases, men or women should always try an effective treatment programme for at least 6 months before deciding on surgery. This will not incur any extra outlay of money because these are the same preventative treatments that would be used post-surgery. The Belgravia Centre also work alongside a number of reputable hair transplant surgeons in the UK, who your Belgravia treatment advisor will be able to refer you to if and when you are ready to undertake hair transplant surgery.

Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson, a well-known hair transplant mentor in the UK says, “Before you even consider a hair transplant, look into going on a hair loss treatment course for at least six months first, to strengthen existing hair and prevent further hair loss. But once you have achieved maximum results from licensed treatments, if there are still areas of baldness it’s time for a hair transplant. Strip and FUE surgery are both excellent methods when performed correctly – choosing the right surgeon is

vital!”. SPEX is contactable through his website for personal advice.

Hair Regrowth Front and Top
These are some of the best results that Belgravia has ever recorded from the use of a NON-SURGICAL treatment programme consisting of medically proven medications and hair growth boosters.

For more information on the most effective solutions available for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth, contact The Belgravia Centre for a free consultation or complete an online consultation form for our worldwide home-use service.

Best Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Results Ever Recorded

A Belgravia patient recently experienced some of the best results that our experts have ever seen from the use of a non-surgical treatment programme for hair loss. The patient has used one of Belgravia’s optimum treatment courses for hair loss, inclusive of high strength minoxidilfinasteride 1mgHair Vitalics and the HairMax LaserComb. Please note, not all patients will experience regrowth levels this dramatic, but most will see varying levels of increased hair density, some being mild and some being more significant. View our Gallery of Hair Growth Success Stories for a better idea.


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