What is a Widow's Peak?

A widow's peak, or v-shaped hairline, is most common in men but can be present in women too.

Characterised by its shape, where the hairline forms a point, a widow's peak hairline can occur naturally due to being an inherited, genetic trait or it can be the result of receding at the temples.

It's prevalence as a result of genetics is likely less common than when it is caused by hair loss, though estimated figures vary wildly; whereas around 40 per cent of men are known to have signs of male pattern baldness by the age of 40, a widow's peak caused by genetics is estimated to occur in between 3 to 81 per cent of people.

The widow’s peak is thought to be named for the belief that this kind of hair loss signified early widowhood for women. This is because the shape of the hairline resembled the traditional widow's hood which was worn as part of a mourning outfit.

A widow's peak does not always signify hair loss but, if you have noticed a receding hairline where hair is gradually going at the temples and making any existing v-shape become more pronounced, you are definitely not alone. The celebrities below all have a widow’s peak, either naturally or as a result of genetic hairloss:

Celebrities with Widow's Peaks

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta has starred in films including Grease and Pulp Fiction. Now aged 60, he has been experiencing noticeable hair loss and a receding hairline for years, turning to wigs and weaves to conceal his hair loss.

Leonardo DiCaprio

From humble beginnings on TV sitcom Growing Pains in the 1980s, Leonardo DiCaprio rose to fame as a teenage heartthrob in films such as Romeo and Juliet. Now aged 40, he has grown into a mature, diverse actor, starring in award-winning films including The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor has been displaying a receding widow's peak for several years now.

Jude Law

British actor, Jude Law, 41, is known for his roles in films such as The Talented Mr Ripley and Enemy at the Gates, and has always had a widow's peak, although in recent years his hairline has been receding further at the temples. Lately, his hair has also been showing signs of thinning on top, and he has been candid with his fans about his experiences with hair loss.

David Beckham

David Beckham has always sported a natural widow's peak and his fears surrounding baldness seem to stem from his father's battle with male pattern baldness. In the past, he has spoken out about his predisposition to male pattern baldness and said whilst he wouldn't rule out hair loss treatments in future, he would shave his hair off if he experiences further hair loss.

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs is another footballer who has a noticeable widow's peak. In 2010, he allegedly spent £30,000 on hair replacement therapy and hair loss treatment in London, to increase the thickness of his hair and boost regrowth from his follicles.

The good news is that a widow's peak can be treated and hair growth encouraged. It is best to see a hair loss expert as soon as you notice hair loss occurring, as they can set up a specially-tailored treatment programme featuring clinically-proven treatments for a receding hairline, to reduce hair loss and encourage healthy regrowth.

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