Hollywood Bad Boy Mel Gibson Bares His Scalp

Mel Gibsons Bald Spot The Belgravia Centre

Film star Mel Gibson was spotted in Hollywood last week with a very noticeable bald patch on display. The 57-year old actor was rumoured to have undergone a hair transplant in recent years, but photographs of him leaving a restaurant suggest that any such treatment has been less than effective.

As he broke into the American movie scene, Mel Gibson was well known for his twinkling blue eyes and mullet-like hair. In what many regard as his breakthrough role playing Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series of movies, Gibson’s longer hair was supposed to be reflective of his unorthodox approach to police work.

But when seen leaving the Bootsy Bellows bar in Hollywood, it would seem that those days may be over for Mel. The Braveheart star is clearly experiencing a classic case of Male Pattern Baldness, which a simple comb over cannot disguise.

(Not) forever young

Male Pattern Baldness, or Androgenic Alopecia to give the condition its proper name, is the leading cause of hair loss in the world. By the time they are Mel Gibson’s age, nearly 60% of men across the world will have experienced some form of significant hair loss. And as men get older, the risk of developing a hair loss condition increases.

The first signs of Androgenic Alopecia appear in the form of a receding hairline at the temples. This is often accompanied by a thinning crown which, over time, develops into a bald patch. Left untreated, hair continues to thin on the top, often to the point that no hair is left on the top of the head.

In Gibson’s case, the hair loss is certainly advanced, but he is not yet completely bald on top. However his attempt at concealing the loss using a comb over is not very convincing, particularly in the glare of the media.

Despite the odds of Male Pattern Baldness increasing with age, there are several treatments that can combat hair loss and promote new growth, with varying degrees of success. Back in 2006, when Gibson’s hair was looking fuller than it had been in the previous couple of years, The Belgravia Centre’s senior trichologist Leonora Dolcis said: “There’s a good chance Mel’s hair line has been restored by surgery”.

It now looks as though Gibson may have made the same discovery as British footballer Wayne Rooney: that hair transplants do not always provide a permanent solution. At a cost of up to £30,000, they are also an expensive way to attempt to restore hair.

No conspiracy theory

Male Pattern Baldness is a completely natural, often treatable, condition. Every individual is different and a holistic approach to treatment is recommended.

To understand fully the factors involved in his receding hair line, Mel Gibson would be well advised to seek guidance from a hair loss professional who can provide a complete diagnosis and formulate an appropriate hair loss treatment plan for him.

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