My Hair is Ruined From Sew-In Weaves and Hair Growth is Slow'

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Name: Chanel

Question: My hair is ruined from using sew in hair. Some is growing back slowly but some of it is not. I am an African woman. Help me please.

Answer: Hi, Chanel. The type of hair loss you describe is consistent with a condition called Traction Alopecia.

Although we would need to assess your scalp before we could confirm any diagnosis, Traction Alopecia is commonly caused by frequently wearing tight hairstyles, including weaves and hair extensions. The weight and tension from sew-in hair can damage hair follicles as it places undue strain on them. This often leads to hair loss around the areas where the weave is fixed to the scalp, and around the hairline. If you have Afro hair, this hair type is particularly prone to this issue due to its naturally more brittle texture.

The first thing to do would be to stop wearing weaves and instead wear your hair naturally so that the follicles can recover. The second thing would be to have a hair loss specialist assess you and provide you with both a confirmed diagnosis and their recommendations. A custom Traction Alopecia treatment course is often effective, however, it depends how badly damaged the follicles are; if they have been destroyed completely, the hair loss is likely to be permanent. This is why it is important so speak with a professional and have them assess both your current level of shedding and give you their opinion on the likelihood of achieving new hair growth so you can decide whether or not to proceed with treatment.
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