Meet all of us at The Belgravia Centre

Hair Loss Specialists

A Belgravia medical expert will monitor your progress from the very beginning. Throughout your treatment course there will always be a member of our medical team available to assist you and ensure optimum rates of hair regrowth. For a bio of each specialist, please click below.


Belgravia’s pharmacy produces and dispenses products prescribed within each hair loss treatment programme.

Treatment Advisors

As a Belgravia Centre treatment user you will have a dedicated treatment advisor appointed to you who will be a point of contact to assist you every step of the way.

Clinical Therapists

Our highly experienced clinical therapists carry out the clinical treatment sessions which are recommended for most treatment courses. The soothing and relaxing therapeutic treatment session is designed to benefit the quality and condition of the hair whilst relieving stress.

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Reception | Admin | Secretarial

On visiting the centre, you will be guaranteed a warm and hospitable welcome from our friendly and helpful receptionists. Introducing all of Belgravia’s receptionists and some other members of our patient care team.


Please note some staff members are not displayed on this page as they have chosen not to have their picture added