James Bond and His Hair Loss

Roger Moore James Bond Receding Hairline

The lifestyle of the spy can be rife with stress and danger, containing a number of risk factors which would have many tearing out their hair! Here we look at the hairlines and hair loss of some of the men who have played the world’s most famous spy, James Bond, to see whether their follicles have been shaken or stirred by the pressure.

Sean Connery

The original James Bond was played by Sean Connery. In the early sixties, Connery was topped by a thick, greased head of dark hair which proved to be rather popular with the ladies. It was later revealed that Sean Connery had worn a hair piece for each of the Bond films he appeared in. This was due to male pattern baldness which he started experiencing at the age of 17.

Connery went on to star in seven Bond films over the course of 21 years, by which time he was in his early fifties.  losing hair over this period, most likely due to male pattern baldness. Nowadays, aged 82, Connery is almost completely bald.

George Lazenby

Making a solo appearance in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, the 30-year-old Lazenby was also blessed with a full head of dark hair. Lazenby has continued to work as an actor, and now aged 73 shows a clearly receding hairline, although the rest of his hair has fared significantly better than that of Connery.

Roger Moore

Moore played Bond in seven films over a 15 year period, taking up the role when he was already 45 years of age. He finally gave up the spy life at the respectable age of 58! Moore has always struggled with a receding hairline, but even now aged 85 he still sports a remarkably full head of hair.

Timothy Dalton

Dalton had long been considered for the role of Bond before finally making two movies for the long running franchise. At the time, Dalton’s Bond also had a relatively full head of dark hair, although it was slightly thinning at the temples. However, since relinquishing the role, Dalton’s hair has continued to recede and he is now, at the age of 66, showing clear signs of male pattern baldness.

Pierce Brosnan

Four outings as Bond towards the end of the nineties and into the new millennium appear to have caused Brosnan little to no problem with his hair. Now aged 59, Brosnan’s dark hair has thinned a little, but remains in remarkably good shape compared to some of his predecessors.

Daniel Craig James Bond Receding Hairline

Daniel Craig

Currently working on his third outing as Bond, Daniel Craig has bucked the traditional image of the dark haired secret agent with his lighter, blondish hue. However, now aged 44, Craig already has a far more pronounced receding hairline than the other Bonds did when making movies. It is rumoured that Daniel Craig wears hairpieces in order to boost his locks during Bond filming.

What hope for heroes?

Clearly playing Bond has varying effects on the actors, with some losing more hair than others. Aside from the pressures of a high profile job, it is likely that some of them are genetically more predisposed to hair loss than others.

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