David Beckham Gives Baldness the Boot

Baldness is not in this man's vocabulary - David Beckham's thinning hair is a thing of the past

Is it just us, or does David Beckham get even better looking with age? He sported some rather unflattering hair styles over the years from mohawks to braids and shoulder-length crops to facial hair combos.  He even started thinning at age 29, but now appears to have the perfect amount of thick light-brown hair.

The man clearly cares about his hair and last year it was revealed he was terrified of turning into a "fat, bald old man." The football star was apparently doing everything in his power to maintain his youthful appearance and it seems to us as though whatever he’s doing is working.  

There was speculation that stress instigated Beckham’s hair loss but the true cause is more likely to be linked to male pattern baldness, something that happens to plenty of men as they get older - he is only human after all (isn’t he?).

Male pattern baldness is influenced by the body’s reaction to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) a potent by-product of testosterone that causes the gradual miniaturisation of the hair follicles and shortening of the hair growth lifecycle.

Hair loss in men is generally easily controlled with medical hair loss treatments that inhibit the formation of DHT in the scalp but sometimes lifestyle factors, like stress, can accelerate the condition. Due to its multi-factorial nature, the balding process is best controlled and reversed using a combination of effective hair loss treatments that are individually tailored and administered after a personal diagnosis with a hair loss professional.

Hair Loss Success StoryBeckham seems to have treated his hair loss well, so if you want similar results you should act early like he did. Like the many thousands of men who are combating hair loss, you can have more control over your appearance than you thought. Contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email to arrange an appointment with a hair loss specialist of fill in the online diagnostic form for an effective, individualised and world-wide available solution to hair loss.

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