Hair Loss Video Diary 6 Month Compilation

We recorded video diaries for the first 6 months' of a patient's hair loss treatment programme. Like many of our patients, Diya has experienced amazing results. Here we have compiled the best of Diya's video diaries his direct hair growth video comparisons from day 88 and day 191, compared to his first day of treatment.

Please be sure to check through all the videos - we believe these to be the best hair growth results ever captured on video.

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Video 1 - Diya Treatment Review Day 1

Video 2 - Diya Treatment Review Day 88 (month 3)

Video 3 - Day 1 to Day 88 Hair Growth Comparison

Video 4 - Diya Treatment Review Day 157 (month 5)

Video 5 - Diya Treatment Review Day 179 (month 6)

Video 6 - Day 1 to Day 191 Hair Growth Comparison

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