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Can You Swim or Get Your Hair Wet When Using Minoxidil?


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Name: Anonymous

Question: Can you swim or get your hair wet when using minoxidil?

Can You Go Swimming If You Use Minoxidil?Answer: Yes, this is absolutely fine, however you will need to take into account minoxidil absorption times in both instances.

With regards to swimming, it is generally advisable to apply the minoxidil as usual then wait an hour – or as long as possible! However, if you are only swimming occasionally or on a temporary basis – such as when on holiday for a week – as long as the minoxidil has had at least half an hour to absorb into the skin on your scalp first then this should be fine and not prove too detrimental to your results. This is because the minimum absorption time for minoxidil to sink into the scalp is 30 minutes.

If possible, it may be advisable to apply your hair loss treatment, wait for half an hour and then wear a swimming cap in order to be able to both swim and reap the full benefits of the medication, but if you are only going to have this concern for a short period of time or on an infrequent basis, then waiting the 30 minutes after each application should be fine.

When it comes to getting your hair wet, the same advice applies unless you mean washing your hair. In this instance you should wash and dry your hair before applying your minoxidil. Your treatment should be applied to a dry scalp and left to work throughout the day (or night) so that you reap the full benefits. If you want to shower after having applied your minoxidil, we would recommend wearing a shower cap in order to prevent it evaporating or being washed away.

You can find more information on this on subject on our How To Apply Minoxidil page.

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