Belgravia Centre Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Free Consultation (Tricho-Check)

The Belgravia Centre offers a free consultation to most patients. The value of this consultation is £195 but for those who are visiting for their first consultation, there is no charge. Here we outline the terms of the free tricho-check:

First Consultation (Tricho-Check)

Those who have not visited the clinic before are entitled to a free consultation.


We may contact you before to make sure you are suitable for our treatment courses. In rare cases, where it is likely you are experiencing a condition that can only be treated by a dermatologist or doctor, we may advise you that it will not be worthwhile to visit for a consultation and that you would be better visiting a clinic more suited to your condition.

Follow-up consultation (check-up)

For those who do not purchase treatment on their first consultation, there will normally be no charge for a follow-up consultation within 1 year. This is a shorter 'check-up' consultation. The cost of this appointment is waived at our discretion - the standard charge is £195 which will be charged in some cases depending on the complexity of the case.

Additional consultations after follow-up

After the follow-up consultation, there is a charge of £195 for each check-up for people who are not actively using a treatment course.

Check-ups for patients

Most treatment courses, but not all, will include 4 check-ups - one per quarter. Check-ups above the number included in a treatment course will normally be charged at the patient-rate of £150 per checkup.

Added-service treatment course for active patients

Our treatment courses include aftercare from our team of hair loss specialists. In some cases, patients will require extra aftercare - this is because their case may be particularly complicated, or the person may demand more time from our hair loss specialists and other members of staff, than is included in a normal treatment course. In these cases it will be required that the patient uses an 'added service' treatment course which incurs an extra cost. Added service treatment courses normally include 4 extra check-ups and check-ups above this amount will be charged at the standard check-up cost of £150. Your treatment advisor will advise you of the extra cost of an added-service treatment course.

Hair Growth Photos

All clinic patients are monitored with high-resulution, professional photos so that you can track your results throughout your treatment course. Once you purchase a treatment course, the photos taken during your first consultation (tricho-check), and the ones taken during you treatment course can be sent by email at your request.

If a patient does not purchase a treatment course then the photos can be kept by the clinic within our retention period (3 years for non-patients), but will not be provided to the person. If the person is not using a treatment course and wants their photos to be sent to them, they can be sent at a charge of £75 per photo or 3 photos for £150.

Patients who have stopped treatment and visited for a follow-up check-up after their treatment has stopped, are entitled to receive their photos from their treatment course period, but not the photos from after their treatment course stopped. Photos from the follow-up check-up will be charged at the normal rate of £75 per photo or £150 for three.

You have the right to demand erasure of your photos at any time - if you wish for your photos to be erased you can contact us requesting this and we will carry out the photo erasure within 30 days and advise you when this has been completed.