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Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 30s | Sex: Male
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I’ve been incredibly impressed with the services from Belgravia, they’ve been extremely supportive and helpful throughout the whole process.

The results I achieved went above and beyond what I honestly expected from it. I saw clear progress after the first check up, and that’s continued throughout the treatment so far (1 year in).

The treatment plan was explained in detail and proved very easy to follow.

It’s been exciting to return for the quarterly check ups and see progress, and if one check up showed slower results than the last, good information and instructions were given on how to improve results, with great success.

The staff and customer service has been amazing, extremely professional, welcoming and friendly throughout. Making everything that much easier.

I would highly recommend trying the treatment at The Belgravia Centre, even if you have doubts or maybe fears about it. It’s worth talking with them to see how your hair can be saved.

Great stuff!

trustpilot review male pattern hair loss the belgravia centre 05 11 2018

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