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Seeing big results within 3 months At first I was extremely sceptical as I've tried almost everything on the market related to hair loss so I was unsure if anything could really work for me. I had decided to book a consultation with The Belgravia Centre once I was there I asked every question about their treatment & has it honestly worked for others? (Yes) I was told that I would have the chance for hair growth again in areas that were starting to fade they discussed the types of treatment they would recommend for me & I went ahead with a 6 months treatment plan I have since today just gone back for a 3 month check up & I was amazed by just how much my hair has started to re-grow they do before & after pictures so you can truly see the difference for yourself. I must say that my confidence has been boosted as that was something that I know many struggle with including myself, I can't wait to continue my treatment & see the results they say you should give at least 9 months to really see the progress but I'm extremely happy that I'm seeing results within just 3 months in. Very happy & would 100% recommend for those who are suffering like I was.
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Posted by  Lizzie

Diagnosis:  Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 20s | Sex: Male