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Hair Growth Success Story: “The staff are so helpful and kind”*



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Diagnosis: Chronic Telogen Effluvium / Diffuse Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss
Age: 30s | Sex: Female
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Because of a stressful event that occurred to me, my hair shedding got worse. I used to find hair everywhere, laundry, around the house, even inside the fridge! I noticed a massive recede of the hairline and the hair looked thinner. I tried all sorts of lotions, shampoo and pills for hair loss and nothing seemed to help. When I arrived at the Belgravia clinic, my self esteem was very low because of this problem. After a few months of treatment I noticed a huge improvement. My hair looked healthier, thicker and my hair shedding improved massively. Also, the staff is so helpful and kind. Really recommend!

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