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The Belgravia Centre: a first class service I was prompted to seek help regarding my thinning hair after a work colleague made a disparaging comment, which really knocked my self-confidence. Two years down the line, I wished that I had made that appointment at the Victoria branch of The Belgravia Centre much sooner. During my on-going treatment, all of the staff that I have encountered at The Belgravia Centre, either in person or over the phone, have been tremendous; polite, kind, courteous, honest and very supportive. The treatments have, once I had established a technique for applying the scalp cream in particular, been easy to use. The three monthly monitoring of hair growth has really helped me see the difference that the treatments have made. Comparing the photographs taken at each of the three monthly sessions really shows the vast improvement in my hair growth. Although this has taken time (just over two years from my initial consultation), I am absolutely delighted with the results and the way that my hair is now much thicker and fuller. I would heartily recommend anyone with concerns about their hair to seek advice from The Belgravia Centre. More importantly, do not hesitate and let things slide. Be decisive and take the action now. If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with the results.
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Posted by  Lizzie

Diagnosis:  Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 50s | Sex: Male