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Hair Growth Success Story: “one happy and not so bald customer!!!”*



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Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 30s | Sex: Male
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When your on a night out for the first time in a while, and see lots of old friends you haven’t seen in ages and the first comment they make is a joke about how bald you look, it doesn’t feel good. I hated photos of myself and worse of all I hated pictures of me and my girlfriend and kids. I’m not a person who normally lets things bother them, but this was really starting to get to me.

So the next morning I decided to look into what could be done about hair loss. I was searching the web and I recognised Belgravia from TV adverts so I decided to look into it. I booked an appointment for that week as I was down in London anyway. The staff were very friendly, examined my hair, they gave me hope and explained what they felt was causing the hair loss and what treatment they felt was required. I went on to purchase a 12 month plan.

I have religiously taken and used the medication every day now for 5 1/2 months. I can’t believe the results. I have a hairline back, I am now having my hair cut far shorter and avoiding the comb over look! If it get no further improvement over the next 6 months at all I will still be delighted with the results, but the Belgravia team expect even further improvements!

Thanks to the team at Belgravia, one happy and not so bald customer!!!

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