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Hair Growth Success Story: “I think it is the most wonderful clinic in the world!!”*



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Diagnosis: Female Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 20s | Sex: Female
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I couldn’t recommend the Belgravia Centre more. I first attended very skeptical but very desperate as my hair had became so thin I was now constantly worried about it and had actually seeked support from Alopecia UK, as I didn’t know how to cope, being this bald at just 23 years. Previous to this I have spent nearly 7 years at dermatology appointments trying different oral contraceptive pills, spironolactone, regaine etc. I even attended a private hair transplant surgeon who said my hair was too far gone to transplant as I didn’t have enough follicles left.
In desperation I decided to give the Belgravia Centre a chance since they offered a free initial consultation. I travelled down to London from the Midlands with a friend and it was a nice clinic with a very friendly practitioner who was well informed. I wanted to ensure that the treatment they offered was scientific and the biology they explained in the consultation made sense but I was still so so sceptical as I had done a lot of research and know there is no hair growth treatment offered by the NHS so why would this work?. I decided to give the treatment a go but was still convinced I would be a resistant patient. However as I started to use the treatment I thought perhaps there is some hair growth? But I convinced myself I was imagining it. Then at my 3 month check up I was amazed and in shock at the difference in photos. Following on from this to 6 months my hair has continued to thicken. I no longer worry about my hair as I am confident that it looks lovely (something I’ve never ever thought before) and the specialists tell me I may even get more hair growth!
The clinic is busy and popular and it does feel quite like a hair salon, something I was hesitant about at first because I knew that I didn’t need beauty products but a medication for androgenetic alopecia, but the medication they give is so effective that I think it is the most wonderful clinic in the world!! If you are skeptical and feel at your last straw from hair loss then I would encourage you to attend this clinic as the hair growth I have had from the medication I have received here has honestly changed my life.

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