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Hair Growth Success: “I felt like I was in good hands”*

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Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 20s | Sex: Male
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Review transcribed from this client’s video testimonial which you can watch here.

I’m 26 and I’ve got male pattern hair loss – or I did before I came to The Belgravia Centre.


It first started noticing my hair loss at university when we all cut our hair really short as some sort of strange ritual when we first started drama school and then it just never really grew back the way I wanted it to. And I was repeatedly going for young parts because I’m an actor and I remember when I did a show of Peter Pan, I don’t think the person realised how close I was to them, and they were just talking about how odd it was to have a Peter Pan with such a receding hairline and then it started to make me think I really should do something about this because it was really affecting my confidence and I was thinking of my future career as well. So I started googling and found out about the Belgravia Centre, realised it was so close to where I lived, popped in for a consultation and – I don’t know, I just had complete trust that it would work.


I don’t know if it was blind faith or hoping that it would work but it only took about 3 months before I could see a real difference in the photos they took when I first came in to meet them and the three months , I was staggered by the improvement and so I’ve just kept going ever since really. I just wanted something to work so I felt like I was in good hands, I suppose. There was no obligation, it wasn’t pressured and they weren’t being like ‘you need to sign now, it’s a now or never deal’. it was very much like ‘this is what you’ve got, this is what we can do’, it was very realistic it wasn’t giving me lofty expectations of this big afro or this huge curly hair growing from nowhere.


They were realistic and then I was really surprised by the results to be honest. They try and manage your expectations a bit because it must be slightly different for everyone, the results can vary for everyone, how long it takes, that kind of thing, but for me it was really, really quick. I suppose I did consider saving up for more expensive options such as hair implants and stuff like that and they talked me through the logistics of that and what that would mean, and I just felt like I came away with an understanding of all the processes I suppose. With the hair implants I would probably have to take something similar to the medication that you offer anyway otherwise I could end up with two plugs and hair still receding which wouldn’t be a good look so it just seemed like the best option really.


I’ve recommended three of my friends already to start treatment with you and they’re showing really amazing results as well so I always recommend it the minute anyone says it becomes a bother for them. There’s something that works so it seems silly not to promote it – I’m like a little PR machine for the Belgravia Centre!



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