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“Don't just accept hair loss when something can be done”*

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At 31 my hair was thinning and beginning to recede. Like most of us these days, I care about my appearance and coming to terms with the fact that I was losing my hair was getting me down and making me lose confidence. Rather than just accept it like most family and friends suggested or had done themselves, I decided to go to Belgravia Centre for a free consultation. I had nothing to lose. During my consultation, I was led to believe that something could actually be done about my hair loss. I was still a bit sceptical about it but decided to go ahead with a 12 month treatment plan. This consisted of taking a tablet once a day to stop the falling out process and using hair drops twice a day to promote hair growth. These were both very easy to use and slotted in very easily to my daily routine. After just 3 months of using this treatment I have been shocked by the results! My hair is looking so much thicker and stronger than it was when attending my first consultation. I am so much happier with the general appearance of my hair and I have my confidence back :-) I still have 9 months treatment left and can't wait to see the results by the end. It's already money well spent. I really can't recommend this highly enough. Don't just accept hair loss when something can be done about it. Go for a free consultation and see what you think. Also, you may be warned about potential side effects from taking the treatment. I have had no issues whatsoever so don't let this put you off. Worst case, get the 3 month treatment plan and see how you get on. If you have no side effects, you can then extend it.

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Posted by  Olivia Jenner

Diagnosis:  Male Pattern Hair Loss | Age: 30s | Sex: Male