Propecia Alternatives

For those who do not wish to use the MHRA licensed and FDA approved hair loss drug finasteride 1mg, there are effective alternatives available from Belgravia that have been seen to produce significant regrowth.

Belgravia Centre Male Hair Loss Treatment minoxidil and Hair Vitalics for Men Hair Growth vitamin supplementsHigh Strength Minoxidil

The only other clinically proven medication to finasteride 1mg, is minoxidil.

There are a number of minoxidil formulations available from Belgravia and courses can be tailored to the individual depending on the hair loss condition, pattern and stage of shedding. For more information about the formulations of high strength minoxidil we recommend, please contact the centre.

Hair Growth Supporting Products

Our combined hair loss treatment approach means that we integrate a number of hair growth supporting products into our patients’ plans alongside the medication, to ensure a fully rounded approach to preventing baldness and promoting healthy hair growth. These can include LLLT devices such as the FDA-cleared LaserBand devices, clinical treatments at one of our clinics, and highly-targeted nutritional supplements, Hair Vitalics.

Consistently Strong Results

Our extensive archive of hair loss success stories (all featuring the Belgravia Centre watermark) offers an insight into the results that are achievable via our combined treatment approaches. Whether or not you decide to use finasteride 1mg, we ensure that you are giving your hair the best chance of growing back, and stabilising the regrowth when it does, providing a long-term hair loss solution.