The Belgravia Centre Policy of Trading

  • When you call or visit The Belgravia Centre or complete an on-line diagnostic form for Belgravia’s on-line mail service, you will ALWAYS be informed of the facts and any questions you ask will be answered thoroughly and with complete honesty by the trichologist and treatment advisor you see or speak to.
  • The Belgravia centre does not recommend the use of any medications that do not have FDA approval. FDA approval is only given to medications that have undergone successful clinical trials for effectiveness and safety and are recognised by the medical profession. Always ask for proof of FDA approval on any medication for hair loss although we can confirm that only minoxidil and propecia are FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. No natural or herbal product has received FDA approval for hair loss.
  • The Belgravia Centre offers a selection of payment options for each 12 month medication treatment course including a quarterly or monthly ‘pay-as-you-use’ policy.
  • Medication and payments can be stopped at any time should you wish to discontinue using the treatment for any reason.
  • You will always be examined by a Belgravia qualified trichologist and advised by a treatment advisor, not by a salesperson.
  • Belgravia’s FDA approved medications for hair loss are completely safe to use provided they are used in accordance with the written instructions. In many thousands of cases no harmful side effects have been experienced. For information on the possible side effects click on the relevant link: Minoxidil, Propecia.