Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is made possible by a number of different hair loss solutions. 

Hair restoration is made possible by a number of different hair loss solutions. When we refer to hair restoration we mean some form of reversal of hairloss either by regrowing the hair, replacing the hair surgically, or replacing the hair cosmetically.

There are many different forms of hair restoration… the most common ones are treatment, surgery or ‘non-surgical’ hair replacement. Each is most suitable at a different stage of hair loss.

The Belgravia Centre specialises in the first of the three – hair loss treatments. Provided the correct hair loss products, doses and combinations are used, treatments for hair restoration are the most effective solution for treating the early to mid-stages of hair loss. Using an effective treatment programme will mean it is most likely users will not only stop losing their hair, but also experience some degree of hair restoration. As long as a person’s thinning hair is caught at the right time, in many cases hair can be restored to its original thickness.

But does this mean a hair loss treatment programme cannot be effective at the later stages of thinning hair?

Absolutely not! Hair restoration treatments can be used at any stage of thinning hair. It is only when an area of hair is totally lost, resulting in baldness, that treatment won’t be effective. In almost all cases, this form of hair restoration will stop further hair from falling out, and even at the later stages it’s just as likely that some hair will regrow. You’ll see by browsing though our hair loss photo-scans, that people who have experienced a significant amount of hair loss frequently see considerable amounts of hair restoration.

Another form of hair restoration is hair restoration surgery. Surgery to restore hair is more suitable for partial areas of baldness, but not total baldness. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to restore completely bald (shiny) areas with treatment so hair restoration surgery is another option for a hairline that has receded or a bald patch on the crown. Nowadays hair restoration surgery can look very natural; we’re past the days of the ‘plug’ look, where large chunks of hair would be transplanted all at once. Good surgeons can transfer just a couple of hairs at a time from the back and sides to the top, resulting in very natural results. But don’t forget; treatments will still be required following hair restoration surgery in order to maintain the hair that is still susceptible to genetic hair loss.

You could say that non surgical hair replacement is hair restoration for those who are past the point of no return. The words more commonly recognised for this form of hair restoration are ‘hairpiece’ or ‘toupee’, whilst some organisations use different names.

At The Belgravia Centre we offer all three of these services – when you visit for a consultation, following an examination you and your dedicated Hair Loss Specialist can decide on the best option for you.


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