Hair Loss Awareness

All of the information on these pages has been thoroughly researched and posted to raise public awareness and protect those who seek products for hair loss.

Protecting the public from unethical traders

The Belgravia Centre receives frequent negative reports from members of the public about hair clinics they have visited or websites from which they have purchased products. Unfortunately there are a number of sales organisations advertising themselves as hair loss clinics that do not conform to the high standards of ethics that the public expects.

The Belgravia Trichological Centre conforms to a strict policy of trading code that ensures the best interests of the public at all times.

If you have a complaint of any kind about a hair clinic or hair loss product let us know and we will try to help and advise you of what you can do about it. We are also always working very hard to maintain and improve our own service, so should you have any complaints or suggestions about your experience at The Belgravia Centre, please Contact us.

Below is some important advice that you should be aware of when seeking help about hair loss or a scalp problem. Click on the heading for further information on each point.

Up-front Payments

Unfortunately there are several sales companies who have set themselves up as ‘hair specialists’, and who will try to persuade you to pay highly inflated prices in advance for treatment courses that are often ineffective. There is no reason to be obligated to pay for 1 year of treatment in advance so please be wary of companies that only offer that option.

The Belgravia Centre’s strict code of ethics ensures that all patients are given the choice of paying for their treatment course in a manner that suits them. This can be annually, quarterly or even monthly. Treatment can be discontinued at any time and for any reason with no financial penalty.

We always advise clients to visit more than one hair loss clinic to compare the products being offered and the costs.


Some clinics charge between £2,000 to £3,500 or more for a 6-8 month course of treatment and substantial payments up front are usually asked for. Belgravia’s advice is DO NOT purchase any treatment until you have researched costs and products thoroughly. Following investigation, Belgravia’s treatment programmes have been found to be substantially cheaper than the many of the other well-known hair centres, sometimes less than half the cost, with treatments proven to be considerably more effective.

Money-back guarantees

If you are offered a money back guarantee from a company claiming “if you do not see results, all of your money will be refunded” or similar, beware. Insist on seeing the small print and all of the ‘terms and conditions’. Ask for a copy in writing and go home and study them carefully before making a decision.

It is extremely hard to prove whether or not you have seen results from the use of your treatment unless extensive monitoring has been carried out with highly advanced equipment. It is also possible for any company to argue that you have not used treatment consistently if hair loss does continue. We have heard of many cases taken to the point of costly and time consuming litigation. Paying as you go is a safe and secure way of avoiding these circumstances. Please contact us if you have had an experience similar to the above and we will do all that we can to help you.

Pressurising sales techniques

The first sign you should look out for is a consultant that seems more like a salesperson than a professional consultant. Many of the companies responsible for this kind of practice use unethical sales techniques including false claims and force-selling to sell their product. Don’t be fooled by a friendly face or a soft-spoken manner with sympathetic approach, although we also know of hard-selling bullying tactics that are sometimes used against vulnerable targets.

If you see any signs of this kind of practice make sure that you do not purchase any treatment. Inform the consultant that you will think about it and carry out further research elsewhere.

Unproven products and herbal treatments

The Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the body responsible in the UK for protecting public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of drugs. The MHRA oversee clinical trials carried out by pharmaceutical companies and either approve or decline the licensing of the product in accordance with its safety and effectiveness.

MHRA licensing is the most important factor which needs to be looked out for when seeking any form of medical treatment. For your information, the only treatments that are licensed by the MHRA for hair loss are Minoxidil and Propecia.

Many non-pharmaceutical organisations sell their non-licensed and often natural treatments for costly amounts. Much of the time these treatments cost more than the proven hair loss treatments and are usually ineffective in treating hair loss. Natural treatments such as hair supplements can be beneficial to the condition and vitality of the hair but will not have any significant benefit towards stabilising or reversing most forms of hair loss. These kinds of products should cost no more than £20 per month.

Belgravia patients have in many cases been told by other organisations that herbal supplements and topical lotions (other than minoxidil) are medically licensed – this is not the case for any products other than Propecia and minoxidil.

Belgravia offers all of the licensed medications for hair loss. Find out about Belgravia’s Hair Loss treatments.

More about the MHRA (UK) and FDA (USA)

Short-term treatments for common (genetic) hair loss – BEWARE

We hear of many cases of consultants claiming that their treatment for Male or Female Pattern (genetic) hair loss only needs to be taken for a time-period (usually 6 months or a year) and then treatment can be stopped. There is no cure for genetic hair loss, meaning that treatment must always be on-going for hair loss stabilisation to be maintained.

A consultant that makes claims such as these may also be making other false claims related to their treatment – we advise you to look elsewhere.

Proscar is unlicensed and ILLEGAL to be sold for hair loss

Proscar and similar branded or non-branded finasteride 5mg products in any form are not legally permitted to be prescribed for the treatment of hair loss. The hair loss medication finasteride, which is often sold under brand names such as Aindeem or Propecia, is licensed for hair loss and contains 1mg of finasteride. Proscar contains 5mg of finasteride and is licensed only for the prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

We have heard of Proscar being split into quarters or 5ths by some organisations and sold for the treatment of hair loss. This works out cheaper for the company to purchase the product but can be dangerous (because of incorrect doses) and is highly illegal.

Any form of finasteride being offered in 5mg doses, including ‘Proscar’ or ‘Finpecia’, is unsafe, unlicensed and illegal to offer for hair loss in the UK.

If you come across any organisation prescribing proscar or any form of finasteride 5mg for the treatment of hair loss, it should be reported to the MHRA immediately.

Avodart / Dutasteride is UNSAFE and unlicensed for hair loss

Avodart’, generic name ‘Dutasteride’ is not licensed for the treatment of hair loss in any form. It is only licensed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The US medical regulatory body, the FDA, began clinical trials which were terminated in the early stages.

Side effects are possible and if they are experienced, as Dutasteride lasts in the body for a long period of time, they could remain for weeks or even months. Read more about Dutasteride and its dangers.

If you come across any organisation prescribing Dutasteride / Avodart for the treatment of hair loss, it should be reported to the MHRA immediately.

More about The Belgravia Centre

  • Belgravia has an expert medical team of doctors, hair specialists, pharmacists and nurses
  • Belgravia is home to the only hair loss pharmacy in the UK, meaning we are able to prescribe all of the medically proven treatments that are licensed for hair loss.
  • When you visit The Belgravia Centre or complete an online diagnostic form for our home-use service, after a hair loss specialist has carried out your diagnosis and treatment recommendations, you will be informed of the facts and any questions you ask will be answered thoroughly and with complete honesty by the treatment advisor you see or speak to. Obviously this should be expected but is unfortunately not the case with many hair loss organisations.
  • Belgravia’s exclusive hair loss and scalp treatment courses are competitively priced and because of our medical facilities, such as the pharmacy, we are able to provide the most effective treatment courses available.
  • As well as prescription medications, Belgravia’s natural supplement, ‘Hair Vitalics’ is also available which contains most of the nutrients that will help maintain and improve the condition and vitality of the hair. We do however make it clear that ANY hair loss supplement is for use alongside one or more of the prescription hair loss treatments and will not be significantly effective for the stabilisation or reversal of genetic hair loss on its own. Many organisations sell natural products for hair loss as the core of their treatment – whatever they might say, these products will generally be ineffective or minimally effective if used on their own to treat genetic hair loss.

Find out about the most effective hair loss treatments or contact The Belgravia Centre for a free, no obligation hair loss consultation.