Hair Loss From Chemical TraumaChemical Trauma Hair Loss Causes

What is chemical trauma?

When the hair is over-exposed to harsh chemicals, such as dyes, bleach, or treatments such as perming solutions or straightening relaxers, it can have a traumatic effect on the follicles.

This type of styling damage is known as ‘chemical trauma’.

Does chemical trauma cause hair loss?

Hair loss from chemical trauma is possible where the follicles become sufficiently damaged by these chemicals that they cause burns to the scalp. When these chemical burns are severe enough to harm the follicles but not cause permanent scarring, the result is chemical trauma and hair loss treatment is often possible. Should the burns be more extreme, however, causing scarring to the scalp, this is defined as cicatricial alopecia which is generally only treatable through surgical hair restoration.

Hair with chemical trauma is generally brittle and prone to breakage as the chemicals have sapped away all the nutrients and moisture that keep the hair looking vibrant. Although this is not technically a hair loss condition given it does not affect the follicle, resulting hair breakage can cause a frizzy, thin appearance as the weakened hair snaps along the shaft. This leaves uneven lengths and strands that look ‘wirey’ due to being malnourished.

Is there treatment for chemical trauma hair loss?

Minoxidil DropperYes. Treatment for hair loss from chemical trauma can help to not only promote regrowth, but also to restore the hair’s condition and strength.

Minoxidil is a clinically-proven treatment for genetic hair loss (better known as Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss) but, despite not being licensed for the treatment of other conditions, we have seen notable results from its use for chemical trauma.

It is generally recommended in conjunction with a course of hair growth boosters, such as Hair Vitalics dietary supplements. These daily tablets are packed with hair-friendly ingredients which help to restore the health and natural strength of the hair – both regrowth and existing locks – from the inside, out.

After chemical trauma has been diagnosed by a professional hair loss specialist, they will tailor a personalised treatment plan designed to be as effective as possible in regrowing and nurturing the hair back to health.