Dr. Elena, Superintendent Dermatologist

Elena is Belgravia’s superintendent dermatologist. She received her qualifications as a physician in 1990 and spent a number of years working as a general practitioner before becoming a qualified specialist in internal medicine in 1998. Elena joined The Belgravia Centre in 2001 and has since qualified as a clinical dermatologist at the University of Cardiff.

As Belgravia’s superintendent dermatologist, Elena oversees the medical department but does not carry out consultations.

Elena - Belgravia Centre Doctor

Christina, Superintendent Pharmacist Prescriber

Christina, a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Belgravia’s superintendent pharmacist, is in charge of Belgravia’s Pharmacies – the only group of pharmacies in the UK dedicated solely to medications for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.

Christina works with a team of pharmacy assistants to produce and dispense the prescription medications included within Belgravia’s hair loss treatment programmes and oversees our team of pharmacists.

Christina has been with The Belgravia Centre since 2002. She has worked closely with our product development team to keep us at the forefront of the hair loss industry and ensure Belgravia’s products are of the very highest quality and offer incomparable results for hair loss stabilisation and hair growth.

Christina - Belgravia Pharmacist

Mandeep, Pharmacist Prescriber

Mandeep is the resident Pharmacist Prescriber in Belgravia’s City of London Pharmacy. He graduated from the University of Bath with a BPharm(hon) degree in 1996.

Having worked predominantly in the UK, he completed the Supplementary Prescribing course at King’s College London before qualifying as a Pharmacist Prescriber from the University of Reading. He brings further international experience to the clinic having worked in the pharmaceutical field in Australia for five years.

Mandeep joined us in 2015 and works with a team of dispensary assistants to provide clients with the prescription medications included in Belgravia hair loss treatment programmes and is always on hand to offer advice and guidance.


Rali, Superintendent Trichologist

Rali joined The Belgravia Centre in 2012 as a member of our Clinical Therapy Team. She has since graduated BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Westminster and has various experience  with patients with brain injury.

Rali has undergone extensive training in order to join Belgravia’s team of hair specialists, which she has been a key member of since July 2014. She continued these studies at the Institute of Trichologists, receiving a Distinction and 96% pass rate when she qualified in August 2019.

Rali has also been involved in research and evaluation of Belgravia’s treatments and has been supporting our blog. Rali follows trichology research, regularly visits trichology conferences and keeps the hair loss specialists’ manual and training up to date.


Karen, Pharmacist Prescriber

Bio coming soon.

Karen - Website Photo - Pharmacist Prescriber The Belgravia Centre London Hair Loss Clinics January 2019

Leonora, Senior Hair Loss Specialist

Leonora is a senior hair loss specialist and Belgravia’s consultant trichologist.

Having been a member of Belgravia’s medical department for more than 10 years, Leonora is one of the UK’s most experienced hair loss specialists and is regularly quoted in the press giving information and advice on the best ways to avoid and treat various forms of hair loss.

She has diagnosed many thousands of cases of shedding since receiving her trichologist qualifications in 1999 after studying with TAFE.

Leonora is one of a number of hair loss specialists that work closely with patients to monitor their treatment progress to ensure the very best results for each and every individual client.

Leonora - The Belgravia Centre

Daiva, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Daiva qualified as a nurse in 1996 at the College of Nursing in Lithuania, before working as a nurse there and later in Ireland. She began training with The Belgravia Centre as a consultation specialist in 2010 and is now an experienced hair loss nurse.

Having worked closely with many clients, Daiva has helped to achieve some of the very best regrowth results for many different hair loss conditions affecting both men and women. She also works closely with the company’s new hair loss specialists, ensuring that they are all trained to the exceptionally high standards that Belgravia is known for.

Daiva - The Belgravia Centre

Daniela, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Daniela completed her four year general nursing qualification at the Slovakia Nursing College Trencin in 2004, before working as a hospital nurse. She joined Belgravia in 2012 where she trained extensively before beginning to carry out patient consultations.

Daniela is familiar with a wide range of common and unusual hair loss conditions and has helped many patients in their journey towards treating their hair loss.


Julia, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Julia has a nursing diploma from Georgian College in Romania and has also spent time studying nursing in Germany. She has previously worked as a hospital nurse in Germany before coming to work at Belgravia at the start of 2013 as a specialist hair loss nurse.

Julia draws on her extensive nursing experience to provide care and expert insight for her many patients at Belgravia. Familiar with a wide range of conditions thanks to her in-depth training, Julia has helped patients understand the reasons for their hair loss, how to cope with it and the best methods with which to treat it.

Julia - The Belgravia Centre

Svetlana, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Svetlana graduated with a diploma in nursing from the State Secondary Medical School Jane Sandanski in 1999. She worked as a volunteer nurse and as a general hospital nurse before joining Belgravia in 2013.

With her impressive nursing experience, Svetlana is an expert when it comes to patient care and can be consulted on a wide range of hair loss issues.

Svetlana - The Belgravia Centre

Monika, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Monika earned her nursing diploma from the Nepal Institute of Medical Science and Technology in 2008 and subsequently worked as an intensive care nurse in India and Nepal for two years.  She then moved to the UK and studied at the University of Bradford, adding a degree in Health and Social Care Management to her vast set of skills.

Before joining Belgravia Monika worked in various NHS practices and Surgeries in the UK. With extensive training in hair loss and her background experience and qualifications, she has quickly become a very knowledgeable member of our team.


Naida, Hair Loss Specialist and Pharmacist Prescriber

Naida is a hair loss specialist and pharmacist prescriber. She is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Primary Care Pharmacists’ Association. She graduated in 1996 from Aston University with a BSc Pharmacy qualification. She went on to work in various hospitals and pharmacies before we welcomed her to the team.

In addition to the extensive hair loss training she has undergone, her skills extend further into Belgravia’s pharmacies where she works closely with the team; prescribing and dispensing.

A friendly and knowledgeable member of the team, her time is shared between both of Belgravia’s London clinics since she joined us in September 2016.


Saive, Hair Loss Specialist Nurse

After four years of training at St.Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, Saive graduated with a BSc in General Nursing. Throughout this time she was very fortunate to be placed in various highly specialised wards as an intern where she gained invaluable skills and experience.

She joined Belgravia in 2013 and after extensive training in the field of hair loss, Saive is extremely knowledgeable in the subject.

Saive The Belgravia Centre

Paris, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Paris is a specialist hair loss nurse at The Belgravia Centre. She spreads her time between both of our London clinics so can be found consulting in either location.

Paris graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand in 2012. Whilst working on a general surgery and gynaecology ward, she completed her NETP Professional Nursing paper at Wellington’s Victoria University. Since then she has carried out various roles within the nursing capacity before joining the team of experts here at Belgravia in 2016.

Due to her extensive training and experience, she is extremely knowledgeable in the field of hair loss and is always on hand to answer any queries.

Paris Belgravia Centre

Delecia, Specialist Hair Loss Nurse

Delecia joined the Belgravia Team in Jan 2013 and can be found consulting in both of our London clinic locations.

She obtained her nursing degree in Holland in 2007. She then went on to work at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht as a registered general nurse for four years. During this time Delecia worked in dermatology and infectious diseases, Geriatrics and the radiation department. She also practiced as a lead nurse for over two years in elderly care home, Axioncontinu.

On completion of her hair loss training program, Delecia quickly became an integral part of our team of specialists.

Delecia The Belgravia Centre

Marina, Hair Loss Specialist and Pharmacist Prescriber

Marina joined Belgravia as a hair loss specialist and pharmacist prescriber in January 2018.

She holds an MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Hertfordshire, and qualified as an independent pharmacist prescriber in 2017.

Marina has a great rapport with patients, having worked as a community pharmacist for three years, as well as a contracting and commissioning pharmacist alongside a GP practice for two years, prior to specialising in hair loss.

Predominantly based at Belgravia’s City of London clinic, where she is a calm and knowledgable member of staff, Marina has undergone a rigorous training programme covering all aspects of hair loss conditions and their treatment, to add to her pharmaceutical skillset.

Rana, Hair Loss Specialist and Pharmacist Prescriber

Rana joined Belgravia as a hair loss specialist and pharmacist prescriber in October 2018.

Having graduated with a first class Master of Pharmacy degree from the University of Bradford, Rana went on to complete her Independent Prescribing qualification at the University of Bolton. She was awarded a distinction for this in April 2017.

Following extensive training in identifying and treating hair loss conditions, Rana joined Belgravia. She is predominantly based at our Central London hair clinic near Victoria Station, where she is a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable member of the team, able to draw on her years of hands-on pharmacy experience.

Rana -Website Photo Hair Loss Specialist Belgravia Centre Longmoore Street January 2019

Hilna, Hair Loss Specialist and Pharmacist Prescriber

Hilna is a hair loss specialist and pharmacist prescriber who joined the Belgravia team in 2018.

She graduated with MPharm from Kings College London and has 10 years of community pharmacy experience. This involved a variety of roles which all involved delivering professional services and leading patient care. She completed her Independent Prescribing role specialising in diabetes.

Hilna works across both Belgravia’s City of London and Central London hair loss clinic locations, where her caring and approachable character helps patients feel at ease.

Hilna - Website Photo Hair Loss Specialist Belgravia Centre Longmoore Street January 2019