Guide To Different Levels of Hair Regrowth from Treatment

It is difficult to estimate the level of regrowth a person will experience before starting treatment but, following a normal initial shedding period, treatment should usually being to take effect by around 3 months. Sometimes it could however take up to 12 months. There are certain factors that will indicate how well one might respond to treatment, such as age and the length of time a person has been been losing their hair, but this is never conclusive and two people with a similar age may and levels of hair loss may have different experiences.

Belgravia Centre Patients Demonstrate the Various Levels of Regrowth and Stabilisation of Hair Regrowth They Have ExperiencedThese are the typical stages one would usually expect to go through during the first 12 months of treating their hair loss:

  1. Possible increased hair shedding (4 – 6 weeks, from minoxidil only)
  2. Hair loss stabilisation (2 – 8 weeks)
  3. Thickening of hair + regrowth in the affected areas (3 – 12 months)
  4. Maintenance of improved hair (12 months +)

According to clinical data, most men will maintain or increase their hair count – some seeing moderate improvements and others noticing a significant increase in hair density. Others may see stabilisation and no regrowth, or minimal regrowth. After the first 12 months of treatment it is likely that regrowth will have plateaued and continuation of treatment will be aimed at maintaining the newly improved head of hair.

Our Hair Loss Success Stories gallery shows a wade variety of results. Some patients will experience considerable regrowth within the first three to six months whilst others may see less regrowth, or a more progressive improvement over the space of a year. It is not only the level of results that vary, but the time it takes for a person’s hair to improve. These Male Hair Loss Success Stories will give you a clearer idea of the type of the varying results that men can experience from treating their hair loss.

Belgravia Male Hair Loss Client: "...I Definitely Consider it a Good Investment..."Examples of Different Levels of Hair Regrowth

This Belgravia patient has experienced substantial regrowth over a 17 month period. His hair loss has stabilised and the top of his head, which, at month 1, was displaying clear signs of vertex thinning, was showing much thicker regrowth by month 17.

Whilst the hair at the front of his receding hairline has also thickened, the hair around the temples has not regrown. This could be because hair around the temples is the slowest to regrow, or, it could be because the client had no vellus hairs left in these areas. If the skin has taken on a shiny, bald appearance it is unlikely hair can ever be regrown in these areas.

Example of Stabilisation and Thickening of Hair During Regrowth Stages of Hair Loss Treatment

Within the first three months you can see from these photos that this patient's hair loss stabilised and hair started to appear thicker as the new hair began to grow through.

Hair Loss Patient with Stabilisation: "...Happy With the Results After 3 Months..."

This client was happy with his results at the three month mark. He caught hair loss at the right time before there was much visual deterioration and his hair density has been maintained and the overall density seems to appear thicker and more vibrant.

Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client : "My Hair Is Growing Steadily"

Mr. B is pleased to see his “ growing steadily…” after experiencing stabilisation of his male pattern hair loss. He too understands that preventing shedding is an important step in order to maintain hair density long-term.

Below you will find a number of other men who have also featured in our Hair Loss Success Stories, and whose photos will help you to better understand the range of results and different levels of hair regrowth that are possible. Please click on the images to view our hair growth gallery.


Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...I Noticed Great Regrowth Within 4-6 Months..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client : "...Great Service... Will Definitely Recommend!"



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...I Started To Notice Top Results..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss: "...Have Referred My Friend as Good Results..."



Belgravia Male Hair Loss Client: "...It Has Helped My Confidence..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...Have Noticed Definite Improvements..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...I'm Quite Surprised I've Got Such Great Results..."



Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...Very Pleased to See EXCELLENT Results... It Is Amazing.."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client - "...Worked Faster and Better Than I Imagined..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...My Hair Is Already Growing Strong..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Client: "...I Can't Believe the Progress I See..."



Belgravia Male Pattern Hair Loss Patient: "...I Was Sceptical But This Stuff Works!"



Belgravia Male Hair Loss Client: "...I Have Seen A Great Improvement to My Hair..."


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