Patient Before and During Treatment Photo-Scans

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of ‘before and during treatment’ hair loss photos – testament to the superior results that are achieved by so many hair loss sufferers that use Belgravia’s combination hair loss treatment courses.

These photos will give you an idea of the kind of results that can be expected from the use of a Belgravia Centre hair loss treatment course. The great majority of people will experience some degree of hair regrowth from the use of our specially combined treatment programmes and almost all users will experience hair loss stabilisation at the very least.

All photos are untouched and completely genuine. If you wish to see the originals then you can ask the trichologist when you come for a tricho-check, and if you decide to start a course of treatment your success will also be monitored with photos should you decide to visit the centre for check-ups.

You can choose between male and female, and various hair loss conditions.

The copyright of these pictures belongs to The Belgravia Trichological Group