Follicular Degeneration Syndrome

Do we treat Follicular Degeneration Syndrome and how successful is treatment?

Yes. Follicular Degeneration Syndrome can be treated at Belgravia.

Treatment for Follicular Degeneration Syndrome at The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic LondonThe bespoke FDS treatment courses that we offer will help to grow back as much hair as possible in the follicles that are still functional.

Hair growth boosters, which may also form part of these individually-personalised programmes, can also help to improve the condition of the hair.

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What is Follicular Degeneration Syndrome?

“Follicular degeneration syndrome” goes under a variety of names including “Central Progressive Alopecia” and “Hot Comb Alopecia”.

Follicular Degeneration Syndrome was first identified in black African-American women and thought to be due to the overuse of hot combs and oil pomades. It was thought that the oils applied to the hair were heated up by the hot comb and liquefied. The liquid oil then dribbled down the hair fibre into the hair follicle opening and irritated the skin causing inflammation around the upper hair follicle. However, it is now known that, while hot combing might elicit Follicular Degeneration Syndrome in some individuals, it can also occur in the absence of any cosmetic procedure. With this discovery the condition has been named Follicular Degeneration Syndrome.

Follicular Degeneration Syndrome is a form of scarring alopecia which is most often first visible as a well defined patch of diffuse hair loss. The affected region usually, although not always, extends centrifugally from the scalp vertex. The Follicular Degeneration Syndrome region may slowly expand in size with time. Skin biopsies show that Follicular Degeneration Syndrome involves inflammation of the affected hair follicles and premature desquamation of the hair follicle inner root sheath.


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