Hair Loss of the Crown and Vertex – Regrow Hair

Many men and women are led to believe that thinning hair around the crown or vertex is an unfortunate fact of the natural ageing process that one must simply learn to deal with. Many people incorrectly believe that once they begin to shed hair or experience significant hair loss, there is nothing they can do to reverse the situation.

Thinning Crown Regowth

(*Results may vary and are not guaranteed)

Using medically proven treatments and techniques, clients of The Belgravia Centre have shown time and again that this belief in inevitable and irreversible hair loss is simply untrue. The pictures on the right show the  regrowth experienced by just one of our patients. In the first photo, he shows clear signs of very noticeable thinning around the crown.

Having been diagnosed with male pattern balding, the patient underwent a custom treatment plan combining medications, hair growth boosters and complementary therapies designed for maximum hair regrowth. The two photos show the results of the treatments just twelve months later – his visible bald patch has been fully restored; an area of hair he thought was gone forever.

Writing in our comments book, the patient, who wishes to be kept anonymous said: “I was very cynical when I came along for my consultation a year ago but I have been absolutely delighted with the results – far better than I thought possible.  The staff are all very friendly and professional also.” You can click on his’s photos for the full success story.

Crown and Receding Hairline Regrowth

(*Results may vary and are not guaranteed)

Patient 2, whose wish was also to be kept anonymous, discussed with his dedicated Belgravia specialist the way in which his hair loss had significantly affected his self-confidence as he was increasingly conscious of his receding hairline and thinning crown.

After thirteen months of expert treatment which included MHRA-licensed medications and The Belgravia Centre’s unique Hair Growth Boosters, he has also experienced an extraordinary return of hair he had feared was gone. In his own words: “Starting my second year of treatment now.  Unbelievable  results – extremely pleased – My confidence has ‘sky-rocketed’ and I can’t wait to see how the treatment progresses.  Would recommend to anyone!” for the full success story please click on his photos.

The Belgravia Centre sees hundreds of similar cases on a weekly basis and most will achieve some degree of hair regrowth from the use of the effective treatment combinations that are offered, consisting of medically proven medications and a number of hair growth boosters to optimise results.

Crown Hair Loss

(*Results may vary and are not guaranteed)

The Belgravia Centre has the world’s largest online database of genuine customer feedback for hair loss treatment, much of which is taken directly from the comments book we keep in the reception area of our clinic, or from wall posts posted on our Facebook page. The men above are just two examples from the many hundreds of satisfied clients we have treated at The Belgravia Centre and who clearly demonstrate that a thinning crown / vertex does not need to be tolerated.

Find hundreds more success stories for many different patterns of hair loss in men, and women, by viewing the world’s largest collection of hair loss success stories, right here on * Please note that results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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Alex Was Pleased with his "...Surprisingly Good Results..." Following Hair Loss Treatment at The Belgravia Centre

(*Results may vary and are not guaranteed)