COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

In order to follow the guidelines of our government and keep our patients and staff safe, the centre is only currently offering online, phone and e-consultations. Our clinics are closed for consultations but we have put steps in place to ensure that you can benefit from all of the same treatments for home-use as those included in our clinical treatment courses.

Please complete our online consultation which will provide us with all of the details we need to diagnose your hair loss condition and recommend an effective hair loss treatment course for home-use.

Once the form is submitted you will be contacted by one of our Hair Loss Specialists by phone or e-consultation (please specify) and our treatments can be sent to your home.

What measures are we taking?

Since the lock-down began we have been operating a work-from-home policy. Everybody that can work from home is doing so. This includes receptionists, all administration, hair loss specialists and treatment advisors. Our phone lines and emails are operating as normal, and consultations are available by phone or e-consultation (Zoom).

We have one of our two pharmacies operating and staff who are required to prepare and send treatments are the only essential workers. The centre is operating a strict social-distancing procedure with members of staff working in different rooms where possible, or two meters apart if they have to work in the same area. All pharmacy staff are wearing masks and regularly sanitising, and of course the centre is closed to clients. No staff members are commuting by public transport.

We wish you well over this time and are here if you need any help or advice.