Clinical Treatment Sessions

Belgravia Clinical Treatment SessionClinical treatment can be included in a treatment course on a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis. It involves visiting the centre and takes about 1 hour. The Treatment undertaken includes scalp treatment applied by the tricho-therapist, ultra violet and infra red light therapy, laser and massage. The purposes of clinical treatment for hair loss are to stimulate activity in the scalp which encourages hair growth, and to treat the hair and keep it in good condition, making sure the pores are clear to allow healthy hair to grow through.

Clinical treatment is an important element of treatment courses for scalp problems. Depending on the condition being experienced and the severity of the condition, the duration could be quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. Different scalp conditions are treated with different treatment. The treatment used will be decided, and recorded on your records when you visit for a tricho-check.

Although home treatment will usually also be provided with a Belgravia scalp treatment course, clinical treatments are always advised to make sure that we can monitor your progress and use treatment and techniques that you may not be able to use without a visit.