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Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo – Does it Work?

Zenagen is a shampoo containing a blend of natural extracts including bioflavanoids, serenoa repens, polyphenol antioxidants, that claims to be “the world’s first shampoo especially formulated to help men prevent going bald.” However, while the ingredients may provide the support the scalp needs to nourish the hair follicles, there is no evidence that “Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo is the best product to stop and protect against hair loss.”

How is it MEANT to work?

Does Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo Work?According to its website, “Zenagen blocks DHT, protects the scalp and hair follicles from harmful UV rays, increases hair growth, and prevents balding!”

It claims to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) naturally by interfering with the conversion process that turns testosterone into DHT. “This dual-prong approach”, it says, reduces local testosterone levels and neutralises DHT, eliminating the main factor that causes hair loss.

Zenagen also says it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles and speeds up hair growth. Apparently, the “powerful botanical extracts” provide the maximum protection against thinning hair, help stop hair loss and increase hair thickness.

DOES it work?

Although Zenagen claim to singularly be an effective product for hair loss, it does allow that it is “designed to be able to be used with other hair loss products like minoxidil and Propecia.”

There are, in fact, no clinical studies about how effective Zenagen shampoo is for men experiencing various stages of hair loss. Rather, it is claimed “Zenagen is scientifically and medically designed and formulated using third party research studies”. However, while the natural ingredients may provide some benefit in maintaining a healthy scalp for optimal hair growth, none have actually been proven effective in preventing or stabilising hair loss.

Zenagen is not licensed by the MHRA or FDA-approved. It is categorised as a dietary supplement and as such, Zenagen has more lenient rules regarding what it can and can’t say about it’s product than medical treatments. Still, it’s current claims may be giving some people the wrong idea about what Zenagen Natural Hair Loss Shampoo can actually do for them.

Despite Zenagen’s claim to be “the best hair loss product”, there are only two hair loss treatments that have been clinically proven, medically approved and licensed to help prevent and reverse hair loss. These products, if prescribed at the optimum dose to suit the individual and used and combined correctly, will ensure the best opportunity for hair loss stabilisation and hair regrowth.

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14th March, 2015 at 10:21 am


Scalp massage promotes hair growth by reducing stress and tension.I really like your blog.good work!

10th March, 2016 at 4:55 pm


I've been using Zenagen for 6 months and I have absolutely lost more hair. What a rip off.

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