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You can’t prevent hair loss, say 70% of UK men

A YouGov survey into men’s beliefs about baldness has revealed that 87% of the 936 men surveyed did not know there is a scientifically proven hair loss treatment, and 75% did not believe treatments can prevent hair loss.

You can't prevent hair loss (say 70% of UK men)

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition leading to the classic receding hairline especially at the temples, a balding crown, and eventually baldness over the top of the scalp with hair remaining at the sides. It’s caused by the hair follicles’ sensitivity to DHT (derived in the body from testosterone).

Propecia can prevent hair loss by stopping the effect of DHT. However the very best chances of success come from combining that with Minoxidil (the only other approved drug treatment), additional booster compounds and a laser comb (which is free with most Belgravia Centre treatment programmes), all under the guidance of an experienced trichologist who will monitor progress using scalp photographs.

The survey’s results concur with experience on online forums where any man asking for advice about what to do about their thinning hair will almost always find someone advising them to “shave it off”. If only 1 in 9 males know there’s a proven treatment, the questioner might expect just 1 person to recommend treatment for every 9 armed with a shaver. The problem with forums is they deliver received wisdom. In the case of male pattern baldness, received wisdom is incorrect.

Balding pic courtesy LaBellaVida on Flickr some rights reserved

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