Ignore the Proof... Lose your Hair

Back in August, The Times ran a Dear Sarah story about Viviscal, a supplement that purports to restore hair.

Does caffeine prevent hair loss?

The author wrote that they'd never tried it and it may or may not work. She recommended trying to find a trichologist and that Boots might have something that worked. Anyone could have written that. Fine, no problem.

Then J D Erhlich responded on the website with "I thoroughly checked out Rushton, Kingsley and other 'experts'. These people are making money promising much-- delivering NOTHING, BECAUSE THERE IS NO REMEDY FOR THIS COMMON KIND OF HAIR LOSS!"

Now, you see, that's just plain rubbish. When a drug has gained FDA approval, it's been scientifically proven to work. So saying it doesn't involves a complete denial of science. Now, that's become quite fashionable in the wibbly wobbly world we live in nowadays as people grasp at straws that might provide some extra stability. We all want some certainties in life, but actually one of the biggest source of certainty is science and research based knowledge.

Not only that, we create hair growth every single day and have done for years, and for thousands of people. Erhlich is just so wrong.

So we added our own comment.

And then we added another.

And then we tried again.

And The Times didn't print any of those responses.

Why? We've no idea. Maybe for The Times it's old news. Maybe they think we were promoting ourselves (we really weren't, just trying to set the record straight).

So, for whatever reason, you can't believe all you read in the papers.

But we know you know that. We know you'd take one look at Erhlich's comments and disregard them. It's an obvious case. What's interesting is how much of this is happening in a much more subtle way across the whole of the press.

We're not complaining, we've had good press coverage. We're just saying it's hard to find the information you need to make a great decision. That's partly why we ran our secret shopper tests on hair loss clinics. We know we're not an independent source of information, but we don't know of any other direct comparison.

As for Viviscal, our view is: start with what's proven to work. All the time you spend trying to work out whether this or that natural remedy is working or not, your hair follicles are dying off and your hair is getting thinner. The proven remedies work better if they are applied earlier. The Belgravia Centre offers medically proven hair loss treatments that work every day for our clients.

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