Wrestling Legend ‘the Barber’ to Help Kids with Hair Loss

Brutus The Beefcake The Belgravia centre

Despite already having a comically alliterative name, Brutus Beefcake still feels the need to have a nickname, and that nickname is ‘The Barber’.

In his heyday as a WWF and later WCW wrestler he administered sleeper holds known as ‘The Barber’s Chair’ and took part in tag team matches with the legendary Hulk Hogan, his real life BFF. In his long wrestling career which spanned the eighties, nineties and noughties he was often seen in the ring with a trademark pair of barber’s shears. Now he’s putting those shears to good use in aid of children who have lost their hair.

In an event dubbed ‘Big Hair for Little Kids’, Brutus the Barber Beefcake will cut the hair of willing participants who wish to donate their hair to Canadian charity Angel Hair for Kids. The event taking place in the southern Canadian City of Brantford will also raise money for the charity. With a variety of other eighties-themed goings on, the event is organised by Championship Wrestling International, who have described it as, “a blast from the past.” And it seems there are plenty of people keen to have their hair shorn off by a wrestling icon for a good cause.

Angel Hair for Kids is a charity which specialises in providing wigs and other hair loss solutions to, “financially disadvantaged children experiencing medically related hair loss of any kind.”

Children and hair loss

At The Belgravia Centre we can only treat adults experiencing hair loss but children can sometimes also be susceptible to losing their hair. Alopecia Areata is one condition that often strikes the young, while hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of many cancer treatments. This causes anxiety and concern to children and parents alike.

There are many hair loss charities throughout the world which specialise in helping children who have lost their hair.

UK hair loss charities

In the UK, one of the most prominent children’s hair loss charities is the Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust, which has Gail Porter as its ambassador and a number of famous honorary vice presidents, provides real hair wigs to kids who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and hair loss conditions such as Alopecia. One of their most prominent fund raising events is the Pink Car Rally, which each year sees a steadily growing flotilla of pink vehicles embark on a voyage to spread awareness and raise funds. For the 2012 edition of the rally, organiser Sali Gray hopes to run the rally from Lands End to John o’ Groats.

Another prominent hair loss charity in the UK is BeBold, which specialises in helping children who suffer from Alopecia Areata. Each year they run a summer camp near Scarborough which is intended to help kids gain confidence and come to terms with their hair loss. Most recently, two supporters of BeBold Pete Sissons and Paul Cosgrove, dubbed ‘the icemen’- completed a phenomenal cycle trek around Iceland to help raise awareness of the condition.

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