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Wrestler Feared Baldness After Hot Water Attack


A vicious attack on a Japanese wrestler earlier this month left him fearing he might lose his hair. Sosuke Takatani, a wrestling star in Japan, was warming up for his match in the semi-finals of the world championship in Tashkent when Murad Gaidarov, a wrestler from Belarus approached him from behind and emptied a pot of hot water over his head.

Sosuke Takatani - Wrestler Feared Baldness After Attack - The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss BlogTakatani understandably lost his temper, and officials at the event were then forced to jump in to prevent the two wrestlers from exchanging blows. Gaidarov, who is a former Olympic Bronze medallist, was subsequently knocked out of the tournament by Takatani.

Hot water and hair loss

Takatani told a reporter for Japanese newspaper Sports Nippon, “It happened so suddenly. The doctor told me I could go bald and iced my head for me.”

It seems the 25-year-old wrestling star was lucky on this occasion, as his hair has been left unscathed. However, scalding hot water can sometimes cause hair loss and thinning hair. It opens the pores and makes hair follicles brittle, which could lead to breakage and hair loss. This is why experts recommend washing your hair in warm, rather than hot water.

Whilst washing hair with warm water should cause no damage to your hair follicles, the hotter the water, the more oil is stripped from the scalp, which can leave it dry, flaky and irritated. This can also cause hair to become greasy, as the scalp then overcompensates by producing more oil, which is bad news for overall hair health.

Vicious attack

After the attack, Japanese officials planned to lodge a formal complaint to United World Wrestlers, the sport’s governing body.

Takatani, a 74-kilo silver medallist, is a poster boy for Japanese wrestling. He has not been involved in fights off the mat before. However, Murad Gaidarov has previously come to blows with other wrestlers in the past. He was involved in an off-mat fight with Buvaisar Saitiev, Russia’s triple Olympic champion, after a match at the Athens Games in 2004.

Notice of the official complaint against Gaidarov was posted on the Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation website, which then crashed shortly afterwards due to a surge in traffic.

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