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Liverpool footballer Mario Balotelli has added his signature mohawk to a new line of football equipment. Although, despite some of his decidedly un-family-friendly antics, it's currently only available for kids.

The range, made by Puma - one of the player's sponsors, has released a football and matching football boots both featuring a synthetic version of Balotelli's trademark mohican cut. They are also decorated with the Italian striker's printed autograph and famous phrase 'Why Always Me?'.

Mario Balotelli Adds His Hair to Football Boots and FootballMohawk maintenance

Luckily for Liverpool's younger fans, the hairy boots and ball - which are in the colour of Balotelli's national side, Italy - are far more reasonable than the cost of the real thing.

The controversial forward is said to be extremely proud of his hair, spending a reported £500 per week to maintain it. That's just above Neymar's haircare budget, and more than Chelsea captain John Terry spends per week to get the entire first team squad's hair cut!

"It might sound like a lot but he likes that ‘just cut’ look and having it done virtually every day helps him maintain his style," a source told The Sun newspaper. Adding, “A lot of Liverpool fans might think he should stop worrying about his hair and start scoring goals."

May cause hair loss...!

Mario Balotelli

Since joining Liverpool in 2014 Balotelli, who is paid wages of £70,000 per week, has never quite reached his potential, scoring just one Premier League goal in his first season with the club.

Known as something of a rebel, he is said to be stressful to work with. Fans and officials have become frustrated with his lacklustre performances on the pitch - and his alleged high jinks off it.

Despite having three years left on his contract, the Reds are said to be desperate to offload the 25 year old, but fear his 'difficult' reputation precedes him. However, an Italian football writer has rubber-stamped a rumoured move from Anfield to Serie A side, Sampdoria. Tancredi Palmeri tweeted, "So Sampdoria trying to put together Balotelli-Cassano. Luckily the manager Zenga has no more hair to lose because of stress".

Former goalkeeper and current Sampdoria manager, Walter Zenga sports a closely shaven head due to male pattern baldness which caused him to thin on top. As Palmeri points out, this means no stress-related hair loss from Balotelli so it could well be a good move!

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss

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