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Would X-Factor’s Simon Cowell Use Hair Loss Treatments?

Simon Cowell Admits to Whitening His Teeth & Using Botox, But Does He Use Hair Loss Treatments?This weekend sees the return of TV talent show the X-Factor. Simon Cowell and fellow judges Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, and Cheryl Cole will host the Saturday night series. In the past there have been questions raised over the Simon’s hair. While the multi-millionaire has admitted to using botox for his face and whitening his teeth, he denies having any work done on his hair. Louis has suggested Simon wears a wig but both are known for winding each other up. Simon, who turns 50 this year, told the Daily Mail in 2007, “No, it’s all real. I’ve never dyed my hair, ever, and I wouldn’t”. He says his healthy looking hair is down to the fact he takes care of himself. “I work out. I take lots of vitamins. What can I say? I think I look good for my age”.

The senior hair loss specialist at the Belgravia Centre, Leonora Doclis, says, “Looking at Simon’s photos for the last 5 years at least, he always had the same hairstyle. The top just gets a little longer or shorter but there are photos that show the top area so much thicker than the sides. His fringe on his photos as well is static, always the same style.” According to Doclis this means “either he has very good genes, as good as his financial prowess or the Maserati of hairpieces” but she adds “who can prove it?”

One thing we know for sure is that he looks after himself; as well as vitamins, Simon starts the day with, “Porridge, papaya juice, fresh fruit and a smoothie”. And he likes to have a calm atmosphere in his house. These are all important in helping keep the body (and hair) in top condition however for many men who reach the half century milestone, hair loss is common condition.  Approximately 1 in 2 men will experience some kind of balding by the age of 50. This rises to 65% by 60 and 80% by 80. The cause is usually genetic male pattern baldness. This comes about as a result of oversensitivity to the hormone Dihydrotestorsterone (DHT).

It's Back. Simon Cowell's X-Factor Returns This Weekend.Given Simon’s use of cosmetic procedures for his teeth and skin, if he were to show signs of hair loss, there are two licensed hair loss treatments that have been proven to be safe and effective in tackling hair loss in men. These are Minoxidil and Propecia. Both have undergone extensive clinical trials and been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, the medical regulatory bodies in the UK and USA respectively.

If you are noticing thinning hair or hair loss, please contact the Belgravia Centre for a free consultation. We have a team of experts with many years experience treating various types of hair loss. To book an appointment, call 020 7730 6666 or message the clinic. Alternatively, if you are unable to visit the clinic in London Victoria, please complete the online diagnostic form and a treatment advisor will be in touch.

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