Would Religious Head Covering Affect Hair Loss Treatment?'

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Question: Hi, I'm in my early 40s and have covered my hair for religious reasons for 15 years. Whilst I've always naturally had fairly thin blonde hair, since covering I have been experiencing extreme thinness all over as well as excessively greasy. Would any treatment still work even though my hair would remain covered even after regrowth, or is there not much point in me trying?
Many thanks.

Religious head covering hair loss womenAnswer: Hi, Tanya. You head covering is unlikely to have any effect either on your hair loss nor diminish the effects of any treatment.

The first thing to do would be to establish why you are experiencing thinning hair. Given the length of time you have been noticing hair fall and your age we would suspect this was due to female pattern hair loss, a common, permanent genetic condition that is inherited and affects the top of the scalp and hairline. However, a consultation would be required in order to provide an accurate diagnosis following assessment by one of our specialists.

On the question of whether or not there is any point in trying hair loss treatment, this is entirely up to you. What we can tell you is that a personalised treatment regime can help to maintain current hair density and improve hair growth as much as possible. Women's hair loss treatment is based around topical applications of a solution called high strength minoxidil. Although this can cause temporary hair shedding in some people when it is first used, this is generally a good sign that old thin hairs are being shed to make way for stronger regrowth.

In addition to using direct applications of minoxidil, hair growth boosters can be employed to further maximise results, scalp and hair health. These products range from the FDA-cleared LaserComb LLLT home-use device, to nutritional support via Belgravia's exclusive Hair Vitalics for Women hair growth supplements. These contain a potent blend of high quality, key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botancial extracts identified for their hair-friendly properties, including zinc, biotin, selenium and soy isoflavones - the latter of which have been shown to reduce serum DHT. DHT being the testosterone by-product which causes female pattern hair loss in women with an inherited sensitivity to it.

Belgravia clients following custom hair loss treatment courses generally tend to see improvements within the first three months of starting their course - though this can vary from person to person and depends on the extent of the shedding when starting treatment. If you are curious as to the levels of hair regrowth you may experience from using a personalised treatment course, you could start with a 6 to 12 month regime to try it out. We would certainly, however, recommend a consultation as your first port of call in order to ascertain a confirmed diagnosis as to your hair loss condition so that suitable treatment recommendations can be made accordingly.

With regards oiliness, we recommend washing your hair daily or every other day with a shampoo specifically designed for oily hair. If you wish to use a conditioner, apply it only to the ends of your hair as applying it to the roots will only encourage oiliness.

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