Would Liam Gallagher Quit Oasis If He Went Bald?

Oasis Singer Liam Gallagher Is Not A Fan of Hair Loss

Oasis headline this year’s V Festival which takes place this weekend at the double venues of Chelmsford and Leeds. The band’s front man, Liam Gallagher, known for his Lennon-esque locks and bad-boy charm, has graced many magazine covers in his time. He famously appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1997 posing in bed with his then-wife, Patsy Kensit, at the height of what was known as Cool Britannia. The late nineties was the period when British music, fashion and art fused and made waves showing why Britain really had talent. Even politicians joined the party. Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, famously invited Liams’ brother and Oasis’ leader, Noel Gallagher, round for tea.

But it appears that Liam would go into rock retirement if he started to go suffer from baldness. In the 2003 documentary ‘Live Forever’ which charted this decade and the creative scene that emerged, Liam was one of many musicians to be interviewed, but his footage stood out for its humour. When the interviewer suggested his look was ‘androgynous’, Liam asks him what that means, the interviewer explains, and Liam replies, “I'm a pretty boy, yeah. I'm pretty obsessed with my hair. You've got to have a decent haircut if you're the front man of a band”. He has also been quoted as saying, “The band will go on as long as we’ve got our hair and as long as we look cool. It’s all about the barnet.”

Liam Gallagher Admits To Being Obsessed With His HairIt could be argued that true rock n roll stars would not care about looks for Liam the reverse seems true. Either way, genetic hair loss in men is a common condition, affecting 20% of men by the age of 20, 40% by the age of 35 and 65% by the age of 60.  Liam will be 37 on 21st September; age brings with it wisdom, experience and.. an increased risk of male pattern baldness. Should Liam begin to see the early signs of hair loss, he may be pleased to know that he doesn’t have to hang up his parka just yet; there are proven, licensed hair loss treatments available that have shown to be effective and safe.  

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