Would Elvis Be Bald If He Were Alive Today?

Elvis Showed No Signs of Hair Loss in His Thirties But Would He Be Bald if He Were Alive Today?

The King of Rock n Roll would be 74 if he were alive today but would he still have his famous hair and sideburns? Or would he, like most men of this age, suffer from hair loss? Born in 1935, Elvis’s hair was an important part of his iconic image. Over time it changed. In the 1950s Elvis copied the slick hair and sideburns look of poor Southern white truck drivers. Shortly after starting his singing career he died his hair jet black, which he later thought made him look better on camera. In 1955, Elvis had a hair routine that involved using three different types of wax simultaneously to make his hair greasy and to make it fall during performances.

As Elvis grew more confident, so did his hair, becoming more sculpted and less greasy by the late 50s. The singer had his hair shorn off in 1958 as he prepared to join the Army. This clump of Elvis’s hair is to be auctioned on Sunday in Chicago, Illinois, and is expected to fetch $12,000 or £7,500.  The hair is one of over 200 items being offered to the highest bidder this weekend. The collection belonged to the President of one of Elvis’s fan clubs, Gary Pepper. Mr Pepper died in 1980 and left the items with his nurse, and they are now to be sold on to fans.

In the early 1960s Elvis changed his look for the movies and adopted a sculpted look that matched his stiff appearance and dress at the time.

A Clump of Elvis Presley's Hair Is To Be AuctionedBy the late 60s Elvis returned to music, and with the 1968 Comeback Special, Elvis began to perform on stage again and playing his earlier music in its original style.  His hair became loose again, falling down during shows.

In the 1970s, Elvis kept his hair loose and greasy, but also followed the fashion of the times and kept his hair long and his sideburns became legendary for their size and length also. In fact, there is a booming business in Elvis wigs thanks to The King's thick locks.

By the time of his death in 1977, aged 42, Elvis showed no signs of Male Pattern Baldness however this is not to say that, if he were alive today, he would still have his famous hair. There would be a strong chance he would be bald as about 80% of men suffer from Male Pattern Baldness by the time they reach their later years. However, as Elvis was conscious of his look, he may well have considered what many men do when the first signs of hair loss appear treatment. Over the last couple of decades, modern science has developed two treatments that can be individually tailored to suit an individual and maintain hair growth.

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