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Worth The Money? Dancing on Ice Star Reveals New Hair

Jason Gardiner After Hair TransplantWe recently reported on Jason Gardiner’s hair loss. Gardiner, who is one of the judges from  ITV’s popular Dancing on Ice show, confirmed that he had recently undergone a hair transplant, which has led to media sources questioning its cost and effectiveness.

A long-term sufferer of male pattern baldness, the Australian choreographer confirmed last month that he had undergone a hair transplant. He revealed the results on national television by removing his trademark hat during Dancing on Ice, whilst saying to a contestant, “Laura I have to say I take my hat off to you – incredible.” Holly Willoughby, a co-host on the show, commented immediately afterwards: “I’m almost speechless about what was under the hat!”

It was not just the extent of Gardiner’s transformation that was subjected to media coverage, but the cost as well. Hair transplants are the most expensive form of hair loss treatment, generally costing many thousands of pounds, depending on the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted.

How much did Jason Gardiner spend on his hair transplant?

A spokesperson for the cosmetic surgery group which carried out the surgical procedure told the Daily Mail: “Jason’s [transplant] cost $35,000 (£22,000) because he had the platinum service, which means the whole surgery unit was closed down for him, so no one else had surgery that day.”

While this £22,000 price tag is high even by normal standards for the procedure, hair transplants remain an expensive way of dealing with hair loss, predominantly used by the wealthy and famous. As well as the high costs of the procedure, which involves cutting out a strip of skin from the patient’s own head and re-implanting the follicles in the area that has suffered hair loss, there are medical risks involved, as there are with any type of invasive surgery.

There are also no guarantees that the surgery will be effective. As results can take many months to become noticeable, there had even been speculation that Gardiner’s transplant had been a failure as he continued to wear a hat on screen.

Regrowth treatments are required for maintanence after a Transplant, so trying them before is a must…

As can be seen in Belgravia’s success stories, many men (and women) achieve the results that might have been achieved from a good hair transplant, from the use of hair regrowth treatments. As treatments are essential after a hair transplant, to maintain the hair that is still susceptible to hair loss, it would be silly not to see how effective a specially tailored treatment programme would be before undertaking surgery, because the costly procedure might not be necessary. At The Belgravia Centre we specialise in treating a wide range of hair loss conditions with non-surgical methods. Our hair loss experts use a wide range of approaches to tackle hair loss and promote re-growth, each tailored to the individual.

Propecia and Minoxidil are two of the pharmaceutical hair loss treatments our pharmacy provides, both of which are scientifically proven to stabilise hair loss and re-grow hair lost due to Male Pattern Baldness. We also use our own ‘hair growth boosters’, such as laser combs and nutritional supplements to maximise the results achieved on our treatment programmes.

Find out more about how The Belgravia Centre can treat your hair loss

If you’re suffering from any form of hair loss and want to know how we can help, contact us for a free consultation or fill in our online diagnostic form if you are unable to get to our London centre.

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