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Russell Branded Worst Celebrity Hairstyle


Despite Russell Brand being voted as having the worst celebrity hairdo, the controversial character won’t be saying goodbye to his “long daft hair” anytime soon.

And the worst celebrity hair award goes to... Me!In a recent poll that sorted the best from the worst, Brand secured the title of worst celebrity hair style with his famous messy locks, topping Jonathan Ross, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Cristiano Ronaldo and Donald Trump.

Sure it’s not the most refined hair style of all time, but at least baldness isn’t a concern for the 33-year-old. A lot of men would die for the chance of having that amount of thick, dense hair – women too for that matter. While the majority of men his age are starting to worry about hair loss, and thinning hair is becoming more concerning for women, Brand continues to sport an overtly abundant amount of hair for someone who’s led the kind of lifestyle he has.

The 80s rock look arguably suits the debauched media magnet and he’s lucky to still have it. The body reacts to certain lifestyle habits in a variety of ways. Lucky for this self-confessed sex-addict however, drugs, alcohol, smoking, stress and depression haven’t manifested in hair loss. Who knows the kind of man he’d be without his sacred trademark tresses.

“I… have dreams about having my hair cut and I wake up and I am like, ‘Thank God, I didn’t have my hair cut,’ ” a little obsessed Brand admitted last year.

Although, what would he do if – God forbid – he falls victim to male pattern baldness? With all that hair he could hide it for at least a while. Maybe he’d design a comb over that would rival the Trump’s standards. Then again, he does attend AA and NA meetings so maybe he wouldn’t be adverse to treatment – hair loss treatment that is, if it means he could save his ‘clowning glory’.

He once mentioned though that he’d be up for the chop if it was deemed necessary for his acting career.

“I expect I will finally get my hair cut because I am doing films now and it can’t always be, ‘Napoleon entered, he has got real long daft hair’. It’s going to be restrictive. So eventually I am going to have to play someone who has not got stupid hair and that day will henceforth be known as ‘haircut day’ for me,” he said.

Thankfully, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star hasn’t landed such a role as yet. Let’s hope he can keep his hair for as long as possible. Besides, the spaced-out rocker roles suit him to a tee.

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