Worried About Hair Loss as I Can See My Scalp'

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Question: Hi. I have just turned 26 years old and I have receded slightly at the temples. I am blonde haired (bright) and I sometimes feel as if I can see my scalp? There isn’t anyone in my family that bald but I’m anxious that I might be!

My hairdresser says I’m fine that all men recede slightly at the temples because of maturity but my hair is looks thin and he might be trying to reassure me. But if your hair thin does that mean baldness? Thanks for your time!

Concerned About Thinning HairAnswer: Hi, Eddy. If your hair is blond, depending on your haircut, it is more likely you will be able to see your scalp simply because of the colour contrast - especially when your head is hot. However, given you mention that your hair also looks thin and you believe your hairline is receding, it does sound like the early stages of male pattern baldness.

What your hairdresser may be referring to is a maturing hairline although this slight rounding of the hairline tends to happen during puberty.

We would recommend you take professional advice from a hair loss specialist who can examine your exact pattern and level of shedding, either in person or online. They will be able to discuss the various effective methods of treating a receding hairline as well as helping to prevent thinning hair and promote regrowth.

Although male hair loss is an hereditary condition, people are able to carry the relevant genes without them being expressed so they would not actively show visible signs of hair loss. This means that, although your parents - most likely your father - may not have noticeably thinning hair, they could still be passive carriers of the condition and therefore able to pass it on to their children.

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