Worried About An Uneven Hairline? It Might Just Be Your Face

From the number of queries Belgravia hair loss specialists receive, particularly from men, about an uneven hairline, it is safe to say this is a common concern.

Whilst this may simply be the natural shape of the hairline - not everyone's is perfectly even or symmetrical - it may also be due to a receding hairline or widow's peak forming. This is a typical sign of Male Pattern Baldness and both sides of the hairline do not necessarily recede at the same rate, meaning the hairline may look uneven.

Another factor to consider in people who notice their hairline starting to appear increasingly uneven as they get older is that it is not actually the hairline that is changing - it may be their face.

Faces become less symmetrical with age

uneven hairline receding hairline facial symmetry male pattern baldnessThe November 2018 issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® journal features an American study conducted at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, into facial symmetry. Lead by Helena O.B. Taylor, MD, PhD, the team discovered that our faces become less symmetrical with age.

'Facial asymmetry increases with age in each facial third, with a greater asymmetry and increase in asymmetry in the lower two-thirds. Contributing factors may include asymmetric skeletal remodeling along with differential deflation and descent of the soft tissues,' states the researchers' conclusion.

As a result, these facial changes could give the visual impression that the hairline has also moved, and is becoming more asymmetrical. After all, given the prevalence of genetic hair loss, which affects around 50 per cent of all men by the age of 50 but can start in those with the relevant hereditary predisposition any time following puberty, it's natural to assume that your hairline is moving rather than your features!

Furthermore, if our features can gradually become less aligned as our bone structure changes and skin starts to sag, it stands to reason that hairlines may be similarly affected, regardless of whether there is a hair loss condition to consider or not.

Reasons for an uneven hairline

Men's hairlines recede naturally over time as they get older and it is unusual for a man to have the same hairline he had when he was 20 when he is 40. However, there are issues besides ageing which can cause this to happen. In addition to a receding hairline or widow's peak forming as a result of genetic hairloss, there are a number of other reasons why someone may develop an uneven hairline. These include:

Traction Alopecia, whereby the hairline recedes - not necessarily evenly - due to excessive strain being placed on the follicles, often from the repeated wearing of tight hairstyles

Alopecia Areata, the mildest form of this autoimmune disorder affects the scalp only and presents as patchy hair loss. This takes the form of rounded bald patches which can be found along the hairline as well as anywhere else on the scalp. As there may be as little as one bald spot - though as many that it may affect the entire scalp - where this appears in the frontal or temporal regions, it can look like an uneven hairline

- a maturing hairline; an uneven hairline in younger men can be the result of it rounding out in response to the physical changes the body goes through during puberty. As the face shape changes, the hairline can adjust, and whilst the difference is not always significant enough to be noticeable in some, in others it can be more pronounced.

For those worried about changes to the shape of their hairline, especially if it is coupled with other symptoms such as sudden hair fall or a drop in the overall volume of the hair, it can be helpful to take advice from a hair loss specialist. With the exception of a maturing hairline - which does not require it - there are hair loss treatment solutions available for all these conditions, as well as various supplementary hair growth supporting products and, following a consultation, a diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations can be made.

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