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World Hair Congress Explores Latest Hair Loss Research


Some of the world’s leading authorities on hair loss gather in Miami this week for the 9th annual World Congress for Hair Research. Their goal, as with every year, is to discuss the latest developments in hair growth, hair and scalp disease and clinical care for people with hair loss.

9th World Hair Congress - Miami 2015The event kicked off on Wednesday 18th November with a theme this year of ‘Reflect, Rejuvenate and Regenerate’. Organisers, including the renowned alopecia researcher Dr. Angela Christiano phD, state that their focus is to reflect on hair follicle regeneration and “rejuvenate our minds with new ideas and collaborations.

There are a number of presentations expected to gather a large audience, including:

An update on RepliCel

RepliCel Life Sciences is a Vancouver-based company with expertise in the fields of skin ageing and tendinosis and, increasingly, genetic hair loss. Their approach to dealing with male and female pattern hair loss is based around stem cells, and David Hall, their CEO, has previously said: “We’re not asking these cells to do anything other than what they naturally do, or be anything more than they are.” Their Managing Director, Rolf Hoffmann has been invited to speak and may be able to predict when RepliCel’s ‘hair cloning’ technique will be available to the general public.

Co-Chair Dr Angela Christiano and Ken Washenik MD will both be hosting panels

Co-Chair Dr Angela Christiano and Ken Washenik MD will both be hosting panels

The latest findings with regards Cicatricial Alopecia

Also known as Scarring Alopecia, this relatively rare form of hair loss is difficult to treat because of the damage the scarring (sometimes caused by fire) causes to the hair follicles. Dr. Elise Olsen of Duke University Medical Centre, who co-authored the SALT scale for measuring how much of a person’s scalp is affected by Alopecia Areata, is one of several people invited to speak on this subject.

An afternoon session on emerging therapies and technologies

Highlighting the global commitment to and interest in finding new treatments for various types of hair loss, a whole afternoon at the event has been designated to bring delegates up to speed with emerging technologies. The session will include a talk by stem cell specialist Ken Washenik.

A talk about the effects hormones have on hair growth and hair loss

Valerie A. Randall, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Centre For Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford is one several people who will bring attendees up to speed on the latest findings with regards how hormones affect hair loss.

Finding Out About Your Hair Loss ConditionAn update on current clinical trials investigating treatment for various forms of hair loss

The director of this segment is Dr. Jerry Shapiro of New York University, who will also act as moderator. Several leading figures in hair loss are scheduled to speak at this session where Belgravia is hoping to hear an update on how the trials exploring JAK inhibitors for the treatment of Alopecia Areata are progressing.

One especially encouraging addition to the congress this year is a session teaching hair professionals how to identify a range of hair loss conditions. When properly informed, hairdressers would be well suited to act as an ‘early warning system’ when it comes to detecting issues. Presently, however, many would fail to spot conditions that would be very obvious to the scientists attending the congress, who are involved in highly specialised medical research.

We will post any significant information from the congress on the Belgravia hair loss blog as it becomes available.

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