World Cup Headlines and Hairlines

Pitbull With and Without Hair

Just a few days into the 2014 World Cup, and several men with hair loss conditions have been hitting the headlines. From the opening ceremony, to the build up to England’s first match, balding men have been involved at every stage.

Pitbull and the opening ceremony

The Opening Ceremony on Thursday afternoon culminated in a performance by latino diva Jennifer Lopez, accompanied by American rapper Pitbull. Famously shaven-headed, Pitbull appeared to enjoy his moment on the world’s largest stage.
Aged just 33, the media has always assumed that Pitbull’s bald head is either a style statement, or as a way of disguising a case of male pattern baldness. However a recently discovered photo shows a much younger Pitbull wearing his hair in cornrow braids.
Tight braids are known to place hair under extreme tension, stretching hair follicles in the scalp. Over time the follicles can be stretched out of shape, leading to a patchy hair loss condition known as Traction Alopecia. It is not unfeasible that Pitbull’s bald head could be a result of developing the condition at some point in the past. That said, it is statistically more likely that any hair loss is due to genetic baldness: approximately one third of men Pitbull’s age will be displaying noticeable signs such as thinning hair.

Big Phil and the stress of managing Brazil

Luiz Felipe Scolari is carrying the weight of home nation expectation as Brazil’s coach in this tournament. The 66 year old will have been relieved and proud of his team’s 3-1 win over Croatia in the opening game of the tournament on Thursday night.
Just like two-thirds of men his age, Big Phil is experiencing hair loss in the form of a classic case of baldness. Although this is most likely caused by a genetic predisposition, Scolari’s hair loss may be accelerated by the stresses of the job of football manager he has managed 22 different clubs including the Brazilian national team twice!

Arjen Robben helps Netherlands thrash Spain

In a repeat of the 2010 World Cup Final, Holland took on Spain at the Arena Fonte Nova. However this time the game went the way of the Dutch who recorded a 5-1 win. Forward Arjen Robben played a crucial role in the win, scoring two of the Dutch goals.
Robben is another footballer who favours a bald head, shaving his hair to disguise an advanced case of male pattern baldness. From certain angles it is possible to see where vertex thinning and a receding hairline have left Robben completely bald on the top of his head.

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