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Sex Therapy for Women’s Hair Loss Taken to Court


Woman was told sex therapy and watching porn would cure her hair lossA woman was made to watch pornographic videos and had her breasts and private parts fondled by an alternative doctor who claimed it would cure her hair loss, a Hong Kong court was told.

Chan Tung-Choi, a 68-year-old man who claimed to be an alternative medicine therapist and to have also studied Western medicine in the United States, denies four counts of indecent assault.

The 28-year-old woman believes the stress of working as an online journalist contributed to her hair loss, and after seeking Western, Chinese and even steroid treatment, she came to consult the accused who was recommended to her by a priest.

Eastern Magistrates’ Court heard that when the woman met Chan for the first time in his Sheung Wan clinic in September 2005, he persuaded her to buy a package of 10 massage treatments for HK$2,000.

Chan instructed the woman to strip off during the massage, the court was told, and began touching her, saying he was trying to “stimulate her locus.”

In early 2006 when she went for the next round of “hair loss treatment“, she told the court, he fondled her breasts and said she needed more intensive “sex therapy” to help her hair grow.

“Chan told me I should watch pornographic videos,” she told the court. “He said I needed better [sex] education and I needed to cure my sexual apathy.”

The defense lawyer yesterday objected when the woman offered to show the Magistrate a photo of how she looked before her hair loss.

“I used to have very strong self-confidence,” she said. “I was the first among my university group to find a job after graduation. But the hair-loss problem seriously undermined it.”

When the woman discussed Chan’s methods with friends, they told her they had never heard of such a therapy for hair loss.

“Since the incidents, I have been having nightmares and very low self-esteem,” she said. “I needed a long period of counselling to recover.”

The case continues before Magistrate So Wai-tak today.

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