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Women’s Hair Loss: Man Jailed for Haircuts on Bus


You’ve heard of mobile hairdressers, and you know how it feels to come out of a salon with a bad haircut, but what if you unknowingly and unwillingly lost a chunk of your hair on public transport? A 22-year-old man was arrested last week, accused of cutting women’s hair while they were riding the bus.

Jared Walter - the accused Tri-Met BarberFour women have reported hair loss at the hands of the “Tri-Met Barber” in the last month, the most recent incident happened on New Year’s Eve. The woman said she didn’t even realise she’d lost a chunk of her hair until she got off the bus, but she called police who, minutes later, tracked down the mobile apprentice.

Jared Walter of Milwaukie in the U.S is facing several charges, including disorderly conduct, harassment and interfering with public transport.

Tri-Met spokesperson Bekki Witt said four “hair-cutting incidents” have been reported in the past six weeks, and suggested the bandit may have been replacing the cut hair with glue.

One of the victim's who had glue put in their hair“I don’t know if they are all connected, but I think we can probably assume it’s the same person. It’s a pretty unusual activity,” Witt said. “One of the reports that we received was that there might have been glue put into someone’s hair. So, there’s something going on with this individual, or maybe several individuals.”

Hair loss in women can have severe repercussions and although a number of women will be affected during some stage of their lives, it’s usually gradual and can be treated. But to have it all chopped off at once, unwillingly, would come as a nasty shock. After all, hair is regarded as a woman’s crowning glory.

Bus riders who had read about the incident had a hard time believing it at first and that the women must have been shocked at the unwanted haircuts.

“Really?” said Tanya Siroshton of Southeast Portland. “What a strange thing to do. The worst I’ve encountered is people who smell really bad.”

“You’d be in shock for a while,” said Laura Martin who rode the bus in Milwaukie. “You wouldn’t really know what you were going to do. If you had time to think about it, you’d probably reach over and smack him one.”

Walter has denied the charges, amid a growing number of women who claim to be victims coming forward.

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